Saturday, February 11, 2017

My New Home Range

17 miles from where I am currently domiciled is The Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. I joined in early January, and have met all the criteria to become a full fledged member. 2 General Membership meetings, one 4 hour work session and an evening of orientation video watching. In that same 30 days, I have already assisted in teaching one rifle class, one Reveres Rider class and a rifle qualification approval session.

I rifled qualified with a 308 at 100 yards.
I pistol qualified indoors with my 9mm, need to qualify with 45 soon. (I was out of 45 ammo.)
The club house was just recently upgraded and is a beautiful place. Gas fireplace with blower on it. Nice set of leather couches by that fireplace.  Pretty usable space and perfect for training.

I am hoping to ask them to allow me to set up Refuse To Be A victim classes here, every other month. I will donate my time to help with any training they offer, even as they are segrated training groups. Rifle and Shotgun is one group, Pistol, PPITH, PPOTH with another group.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Trip Back HOME!

Logging back in on February 9th, 2017.

Adding some pictures of my cross country trip from November. Working backwards. Below is New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee.  I worked at about 500 miles a day except the last day, it was 800.  There were no campgrounds on Friday night in Virginia, Maryland.  So I busted through.

Lessons learned.
1) Ask the campground about freight trains.  Staying in Texas and being 1/4 mile from a RR crossing was a sleep buster. Some of the freight trains, the one at 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM had the loudest horn I ever heard.
2) I had almost zero rain. One night it drizzled as I first pulled in to set up.  I waited in the truck 20 minutes while watching the rain of the radar on my IPad. The rain passed and I set up and did not need additional cover tarp over the tent.
3) I only took 2 showers in the 4 days. I stayed in same clothes for the 48 hours.  Those two grey shirts in the pics are different shirts. 😁  One is an Eagles shirt.
4) My food setup was great.  See below, my solo camp set was invaluable.  I heated soup one night on the alcohol stove, and I added sausage to that soup. The next thing was rice made up by boiling water and adding. I finished the sausage in that.
5) cost was 25 to 32 a night. 2 offered me water and electric, 2 were only plots. The western states were desert like, the final 2 were east tree'd.  I was happy to see the trees.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Going Home!

The California experiment is over. I am moving back to my home state of Pennsylvania.
Truth be told, I was downsized. Yup, laid off after 3.5 years. The company I worked for is suffering from not making decisions. I was one of the many let go. Oh well, I've been thrown out of better places. I will write a blog just on this company soon.
Now on the to excitement. I am moving 2700 miles home.

  • Giving away all my furniture.
  • Packing what I can, throwing out a lot.
  • Happy I have a pickup truck. Added a spider bungy cord to secure, might add a tarp for additional rain protection. I am loading 5-27 gallon tubs in there, along with other stuff.
I am camping my way back, using my Teton Cot Tent and XXL Cot pad. I am staying at KOA Campgrounds along the way. Average price is 30 a night, some have electric and water, some do not. I will roll in and set up every night. Break down in morning and roll.  600 miles a day should have me home in 5 days. Some days are 7 hours, some 8 and last leg is 10 since I could not get a camp ground for Friday night.  They were all booked. Maybe a rest area in Virginia? Who knows. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Irony of Irony

I passed the Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor class this weekend. Now I am authorized to hold classes and sign off on peoples CCW (Concealed Carry License) for Orange County California.
So, where is the Irony you ask??  I live in Los Angeles County and can NOT get a CCW.  ARGHHHHH.

If you live in Orange County and take my class and pass it, you can legally carry your firearm in Los Angeles. Believe me when I tell you, many people make the daily drive or take the train to work in LA.
But if you are a Certified Instructor or plain citizen you can not get a license in Los Angeles.

THIS above is why I look for commonality in gun laws. 40 states recognize my current licenses, 10 do not, they are ; Hawaii, California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon.  Can someone please explain to me why my 2nd amendment rights are curtailed anywhere in the United States?  Things need to change.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Other Shooting excitement.

While I am on work assignment in California, I handle some additional gun duties in my off time.
I now manage the Burbank Gun Shoot Social for the group. (CalGuns Shooting Sports Association) We have tons of fun there.Selfies are obviously new to me, but some happily married friends, Patricia and Kait, indulge me.
Part of the night is the fun of the Costco Pizza. (Free Food, donation accepted) Sad to say it is the best Pizza in Southern California. My east coast friends will have to trust me and know I have tasted a ton of bad pie here.
we meet the last Friday night of every month at the The Firing Line in Burbank. 7:00 until 10:00 PM

If you happen to be in town stop and see us!

Training Women Shooters

That is what I have been up to. I have been elevated to the Shoot Boss position for Women On Target for CalGuns.  That is me, on one knee, in the lower right. (L-R)
Having most weekends free has allowed me to gain additional certifications from the NRA training programs. Pistol, Rifle, Home Firearm Safety, Refuse to Be A Victim, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Chief Range Safety Officer. I am teaching 2 times to 3 times a month now.
Do you see that smile on the woman below holding her target? This women stated at the beginning, "I am deathly afraid of guns." Asked afterwards, she says, "She gets it now," and wants to learn more. Look at her grouping at 21 feet, pretty good huh? She didn't break the paper her first time. Education folks. That is what is needed! I am a fairly big guy, 6 foot, 220 lbs., not the ideal target for a criminal. But this woman? She was 90 pounds and 5 foot tall. Her being trained to defend herself is incredibly important. I am not talking karate here either. 
The Women On Target program is about 4.5 hours long, specifically spends half that time on safety and more safety and then some more safety. We teach the Common Sense you need. (Common to who? I ask) We then teach a mix of shooting and classroom in the Total Participation Involvement methodology. Grip, stance, breath control, target alignment, sights, eye dominance. 

If you catch me in California I am at:

Elsewhere go to


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Got A Special Request

Bruce, of the Bluegrass Bruce Blog e mailed me and asked me to help him out and link a message from his blog.
Go give it a look here!!