Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Going Home!

The California experiment is over. I am moving back to my home state of Pennsylvania.
Truth be told, I was downsized. Yup, laid off after 3.5 years. The company I worked for is suffering from not making decisions. I was one of the many let go. Oh well, I've been thrown out of better places. I will write a blog just on this company soon.
Now on the to excitement. I am moving 2700 miles home.

  • Giving away all my furniture.
  • Packing what I can, throwing out a lot.
  • Happy I have a pickup truck. Added a spider bungy cord to secure, might add a tarp for additional rain protection. I am loading 5-27 gallon tubs in there, along with other stuff.
I am camping my way back, using my Teton Cot Tent and XXL Cot pad. I am staying at KOA Campgrounds along the way. Average price is 30 a night, some have electric and water, some do not. I will roll in and set up every night. Break down in morning and roll.  600 miles a day should have me home in 5 days. Some days are 7 hours, some 8 and last leg is 10 since I could not get a camp ground for Friday night.  They were all booked. Maybe a rest area in Virginia? Who knows. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Irony of Irony

I passed the Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor class this weekend. Now I am authorized to hold classes and sign off on peoples CCW (Concealed Carry License) for Orange County California.
So, where is the Irony you ask??  I live in Los Angeles County and can NOT get a CCW.  ARGHHHHH.

If you live in Orange County and take my class and pass it, you can legally carry your firearm in Los Angeles. Believe me when I tell you, many people make the daily drive or take the train to work in LA.
But if you are a Certified Instructor or plain citizen you can not get a license in Los Angeles.

THIS above is why I look for commonality in gun laws. 40 states recognize my current licenses, 10 do not, they are ; Hawaii, California, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon.  Can someone please explain to me why my 2nd amendment rights are curtailed anywhere in the United States?  Things need to change.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Other Shooting excitement.

While I am on work assignment in California, I handle some additional gun duties in my off time.
I now manage the Burbank Gun Shoot Social for the group. (CalGuns Shooting Sports Association) We have tons of fun there.Selfies are obviously new to me, but some happily married friends, Patricia and Kait, indulge me.
Part of the night is the fun of the Costco Pizza. (Free Food, donation accepted) Sad to say it is the best Pizza in Southern California. My east coast friends will have to trust me and know I have tasted a ton of bad pie here.
we meet the last Friday night of every month at the The Firing Line in Burbank. 7:00 until 10:00 PM

If you happen to be in town stop and see us!

Training Women Shooters

That is what I have been up to. I have been elevated to the Shoot Boss position for Women On Target for CalGuns.  That is me, on one knee, in the lower right. (L-R)
Having most weekends free has allowed me to gain additional certifications from the NRA training programs. Pistol, Rifle, Home Firearm Safety, Refuse to Be A Victim, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home and Chief Range Safety Officer. I am teaching 2 times to 3 times a month now.
Do you see that smile on the woman below holding her target? This women stated at the beginning, "I am deathly afraid of guns." Asked afterwards, she says, "She gets it now," and wants to learn more. Look at her grouping at 21 feet, pretty good huh? She didn't break the paper her first time. Education folks. That is what is needed! I am a fairly big guy, 6 foot, 220 lbs., not the ideal target for a criminal. But this woman? She was 90 pounds and 5 foot tall. Her being trained to defend herself is incredibly important. I am not talking karate here either. 
The Women On Target program is about 4.5 hours long, specifically spends half that time on safety and more safety and then some more safety. We teach the Common Sense you need. (Common to who? I ask) We then teach a mix of shooting and classroom in the Total Participation Involvement methodology. Grip, stance, breath control, target alignment, sights, eye dominance. 

If you catch me in California I am at:

Elsewhere go to


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Got A Special Request

Bruce, of the Bluegrass Bruce Blog e mailed me and asked me to help him out and link a message from his blog.
Go give it a look here!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How old is to old?

So I am out renewing my old NRA Instructor certifications and all I can say is that many things have changed. The old methodology is nothing like the new one. Total Participant Involvement (TPI) is the way of the world, and just like anything else it has to be learned. DO NOT LECTURE, teach by asking, get them to think and be involved.  Many of my NRA Certs were back in the 70s and early 80s. I am taking some of them again. I came from a revolver world, need to get up with semi auto world. Why, do you ask I post this? A wonderful young woman, who we will call Wendy because that's her name, started her own business in San Diego and she asked me why I was talking them again. Actually she said, I thought you were already certified, and I explained the changes and my need to know the new ways. She is in her 20s. I am pushing 60. I missed a lot in those 40 years. I worked at the gun shop, then carried a firearm with the US Coast Guard, then always stayed active in the shooting sports.  But I was do for a refresher.  Might take more refreshers if TJ gives me the discount.(TJ is the Training Counselor who wrote many of these classes.)

In other news, a 9 year old girl accidentally shot  instructor this week. The instructor was hit in the head by the bullet of a fully automatic Uzi. The instructors family do not blame the young girl, and only hope she is alright. The anti gun nuts are coming out of the closet with accusations and demands.  My 10 cents? The video does not have the whole story. It runs only as the 9 year old is at the line. Yes, it is hard to manage the recoil of an Uzi, and the instructor thought he had control. I will not offer advice, only condolences. I was not there., and neither were anyone from the anti gun nuts side. Please mourn for the man killed, and pray for no lasting mental anguish for the young girl. Prayers are said.

I am enjoying the California gun folks, they are a passionate group. I tell them how complaisant my home state of PA has gotten with their spoiled gun rights.(In comparison with here) They fight pretty well here and getting people to volunteer is just as hard.

Burbank shoots are going well with standing room crowds on my Friday nights. We started the Winchester Shooting program and had some success with it.  The first stage is shooting paper plates. We had some creative individuals doing this. Photo below.

I will be attempting to log more often.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


This past week I have been in an apartment in California for exactly one year. I have not had a TV in the apartment the entire year. I disconnected the idiot box.  I made it.  How did I make it?  I read, I studied and contemplated. I also have a nice HP Laptop computer that has a 17 inch screen. I caught the few TV shows I wanted to watch On Demand, which added up to about 6. Blacklist, NCIS, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Longmire, The Mentalist. Working in the entertainment industry my entire adult life, it is hard to imagine not having the newest technology that includes a huge screen HDTV. But I did it, and it didn't hurt one bit.

The excitement of the week is scheduling my vacation for the summer. I haven't been home since February when Nancy was seriously, seriously sick. Sometime this summer I will be heading to meet the family in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 3 of my sons and Nancy will be driving down, me flying in on a 3 plane hop out of Burbank Airport. I wouldn't care if it was a 10 plane hop. My oldest will be with us, now that he has left the band scene, he has all this vacation, so he will join us. Liam, who is 17, will be going into his Senior year and I am not sure he will want to go on vacation next year after he graduates. Better add Ryan here as he will be 15 by the time I see him! Maybe if I can save enough we can all go somewhere he won't want to miss out on?  The 2nd oldest son, Shawn, is living up in Oakland.  My plan, loosely derived, is to drive up and spend a weekend in the Oakland area and visit with him and his girlfriend Erica. Who knew seeing your family was so impactful?  ME>....

Work has been extremely busy, hectic and maniacal. Change is afoot.  It is hard to a work life balance when your boss works 20 hour days, 7 days a week.

Looking forward to hugging my kids, and Nancy, during the summer vacation.