Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally

Well, I made it this year.  I had an incredible time.  Last year I was signed up to go and had a sick kid keep me home.(Rightfully so)  So let me give you all some observations from the day out in Harrisburg.
1) The Speakers were excellent. All of them, but one, had great public speaking ability.
 Of course Wayne LaPierre from the NRA is a Rock Star.  He was mobbed for autographs for an hour after the rally.  Suzanna Huff was excellent, but if you have seen her YouTube video, you saw her speech. Larry Pratt was funny and interesting to listen to. And State Rep Metcalf solidified my vote for Lt. Governor.
Kim Stolfer of FOAC was a calm cool speaker, he was not his loud boisterous defiant presence.  

2) The weather was fabulous. I drove the truck.  It was still raining as I left at 7:00 AM. I truly wanted to ride the bike, but I never LEAVE when it's raining on it. I passed some bikes at the turnpike entrance and I hope they weren't waiting for me. As I headed west on the turnpike ran into a wonderfully sunny and breezy day. 2 hours was all I would have needed to ride the bike.  40 MPG versus 18 in the truck.
3) The turnout was good, but not great.  1100 preregistered and 800 people total were there. I guess since I bagged out on last year, I could understand. I was expecting more people though.

4) Harrisburg is a pretty town for the most part, it's a shame it's politicians are looking into bankruptcy to save it from it's debt burden.  Well, it is a Demoncrat stronghold, and they do have a Lost and Stolen gun ordinance.

5) I got to see my cousin, John.  He is a great guy, I really need to see him more.

All this and I got work done too!  The Harrisburg office let me work there so I didn't miss much.  All this and home by 4:30.

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