Friday, April 9, 2010

422 in Oaks, PA road rage shooting.

Story here

"A woman was shot twice early Friday morning in an apparent road rage incident on Route 422 near the Oaks exit in Montgomery County."  The guy drove right to his attorneys office and turned himself in. What was he thinking?  Guys like this tend to make all the serious law abiding gun carriers look awful.
I already got this story forwarded to me 4 times today from friends who know my feelings.
This man will now be forever a criminal, he will lose much more than his gun rights.  He will probably do jail time, and I think he should do some serious time line, like 25-30 years. Road Rage?  My God we all have had it at one time or another. I know I have snapped as a person caused me to ride my motorcycle up an embankment. But NEVER did I ever contemplate shooting the offender.  My wildest rage on the road has me possibly flipping off the offender.  NOW, if ever there was a need for cell phones, this is it.  Have you noticed that when you are talking on the cell you are far more forgiving, since you can vent to the person you are chatting with?  I know when I was always on the mobile Ham Radio setup in my car/truck I was preoccupied with chatting and never let the traffic flow bother me.
There is ZERO excuse for this monster to do what he did.  I will be interested to see if he had a License to Carry Firearm for PA/FL/Utah.  I'm sure more will come out on this story.  I will follow it and update the blog with facts I can gather.

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