Thursday, April 22, 2010

All in a day

#2 son got a ticket for running a red light and not having an updated insurance card.
It was a Penn Cop and it happened on 40th street.  #2 admitted that he ran the light, (idiot)then proceeded to torture the poor cop with not rolling his window all the way down and other stupid crap he incorrectly over heard from me.  I am very astute on my constitutional rights of these stops. #2 tried to assert his rights while doing all the wrong things.  After refusing to lower the window more than 2 inches, he told the officer, "I'm going to reach back into my wallet for my license." Now to a cop, who already suspects something because of the window issue, you might as well scream gun.  So the cop opens the door, which was unlocked and scare the bejesus out of #2. Of course my gregarious #2 starts spouting off rights and crap instead of keeping his mouth shut. So he gets 2 tickets, one he admitted to, and one because his insurance card is still magnetically connected  to our fridge door. He will go to court to get insurance ticket thrown out.  He has it.

Add to this #3 is having some grade issues.  He drops his report card on me as he was leaving this morning. "I need to get you to sign this," he says. He will see me when school is over.  I see UN sanctions coming for him. Already talked to the wife. Her and I agree, no video games until school is over. Reading and Math everyday!! 

#1 is making settlement tomorrow on his first home. It is a nice little row home about 11 miles from here in a small suburban town. The wife is going to join him for the walk through and settlement.  He is in good hands. #1 looks like he will have some furniture for his new home also.  His Aunt and Uncle are giving him stuff that would be considered new in most homes. I will lend him my truck to move his bed and furniture.  I see a bedroom being painted in my future.  #3 will get #1's old room as he leaves. So bedroom 3 of the 4, will become my "Man Cave!" (If luck follows me)

#4 has no baseball tonight.  Friday and Saturday, yes, but not today.  Thank you Jesus!!

We are lucky as a family.  This is happy normal the days of a busy Dad (And Mom in these cases)

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