Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another 99 on a test.

So I am going to vent and make a short story long.  I hope you enjoy the frustration I am about to spout. My day started at 6:00 AM, and nothing good ever starts for me when I am up that early.  There are early birds and there are people like me who love to sleep in on weekends. The alarm did it's job, and I remembered to set the automatic coffee pot.  So drifting down to the kitchen was wonderful in that the coffee was already waiting for me.  I sucked a quick cup down.  My eyes slowly opened.  I sucked another cup down, and my legs started having feeling in them.  6:30 appears on the kitchen clock, and I am off to the shower.  Shit, Shower, Shave and scrub my teeth.  Get dressed and back to the kitchen.  I remembered I had to have a lunch, so I pack. I fill a thermos with the rest of the coffee from the pot.  Now to check the temperature.  40 degrees, brrrr.  I am off to the hall closet to gather some layers.  Out comes the leather jacket, out comes the chaps. Time to gear up.  Now I am off to the garage.  I remember the lunch bag and the thermos.  I dig out a helmet from a bag hanging on a hook.  Do you know where I am going now??   Have a clue?  Want one?

I am off for my Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Experienced Riders Course, how did you miss the fact that I was reaching for my helmet? I rarely USED to wear one. But I have to lead by example, and now I have to find a great light Kevlar half helmet. I have an old 3/4 helmet and it is HOT as hell.

Yup, not only am I taking the 8th Experienced Riders Course, but I am now a Candidate member for being a PA Motorcycle Safety Foundation  Rider Coach.(Someone who teaches people to ride) I need to give you more history than you really want.  I take this course every year. Each year I am shooting for passing the final test with a perfect score. My first year it was a 96, then 98 followed by a series of 99's and last year with a 98.  If I have to find a silver lining, I have never done the same mistake twice. This year I braked to slow and went 1 foot, yup 1 friggin foot, over the line for my Speed and Stop.  I am pissed.....  Angry..... Disappointed and sullen. Did I mention I missed it by 1 foot??  12 inches...    O  U  C  H  !!

OK, I feel better, NOT.  BUT a good part of the story is I scored highest of all the other 17 people. These were 17 really good riders all able and wanting to be Rider Coaches. The Coached I tested with don't look at it as a score of "99."  They look and see a "1."  Normal folks taking this class get to have a score of 20 and you pass, Rider Coaches get to only have 11.  All the 17 passed with better than 11. (1 of them I have to wonder how, but that's what was said)

So my whole day was tied up with this, and I have more to go to become a Riders Coach. I will give you status updates as I dance through their candidate vetting. For more info see the link below!  Feel free to post questions if you have them.


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