Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I guess everyone has conflicts in their lives, but I always seem to have more than the average Joe.  If I plan on doing anything on a weekend, even if I plan it for 8 months, something will come along later and make me have a tough decision.  Like say I was planning on going to the NRA convention in Charlotte, NC in May, I was reviewing options and looking for best costs and best way I could maximize my work time off and not impact the family to much.  So I get myself excited by making it a camping motorcycle trip combined with the NRA convention.  Then it happens. BOOM, a letter comes in the mail and my wife and I are invited to her bests friends daughters wedding on the Saturday I would have been in NC.  Worse yet, the Little League baseball team association parade that my 10 and 3/4 old son was changed to that same day in the morning!
The weekend before?  Nothing, The weekend after?  Nothing.  All on the same weekend.
Now many of you might say to take the trip.  You don't know me well.  I will not miss my sons parade nor would I let me wife go unescorted to her friends daughters wedding.  Priorities.  Not to say I won't bitch about it.  Not to say I will be ecstatically happy.  But I will do it because it has to be done.  That is what a good Dad and husband does.

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