Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy days

My 10 year old has his band practice for his big public event on late Saturday.  He will arrive home today at 5:10ish.  My wife is picking him up in my truck on her way home. He has 30 minutes to eat and change into his baseball uniform for a game he has that needs him at the ballpark at 5:45. So his game will happen and he will come home, eat some more and off to bed.  It's starting to get to him.  He likes down time and won't get any until Sunday. He kinda complains, but he is very resilient and we help by always talking positive about his schedule.   

All this and we need to get out and get my wife's car that is now done at the dealer from getting some paint on it. Some big lug scratched  with the snow blower. So the 24 year old will bring his Mom to get her car and mom will meet us at the game.  Another crazy day at our house.

I won't even go into the fact that we somehow need to get to Acme and get our free pots.  We have been saving for months and we will get more than a full set.  My oldest son just bought a  house and he will get the new collection of pots and pans.  He don't know it yet.  Little housewarming gift.

Happy Tax Day.  Cheers for the Tea Party folks.  Thanks for Representing me as I am far to busy. But I am there with you all in spirit!

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