Monday, April 12, 2010

Cut in half, protect yourself.

If you have ever heard me talk about gun rights, you have heard me say that the police have no duty to protect you.  The gun on a policeman's belt, open carried, is to protect him, not you. So a judge comes up with a common sense ruling. I bet crime goes down in this area.  Anyone want to bet?

Judge Alfred Mackey of Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court advised residents Friday to be vigilant and arm themselves because the number of deputies has been cut about in half because of a tight budget. He also urged neighbors to organize anti-crime block watch groups.
"They have to be law-abiding, and if they are not familiar with firearms they need to take a safety course so they are not a threat to their family and friends and themselves," Mackey said Friday.
Mackey, whose comments were first broadcast Thursday by WKYC-TV in Cleveland, was expressing concerns with budget cuts that have trimmed the sheriff's department from 112 to 49 deputies in the county, which is Ohio's largest by land area.

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