Thursday, April 8, 2010

A great day

Yesterday was warm.  I loved it.  I was pretty busy with work and helping finish some outstanding projects, but the bright sun and warmth of the day kept me in great spirits.  As the day ended about 5:30 PM for work, my 10 and 3/4 year old son wanted to throw the ball around for a bit.  I had to attend my motorcycle associations officers meeting at 8:00 so I had time to burn.  My young son and I stood in the front yard and talked and threw, and talked and threw, and talked some more. My oldest boy came home and he joined in as we tossed the ball and he spoke of his work day issues and concerns.  These moments are like little pieces of Heaven right here on earth.  So we stood throwing until 7:10 when I had to run in the house and shower to smell nice for my meeting. It was still nice and warm when I broke the bike out of the garage at 7:30.  I took the long way to my meeting taking in all the sights, sounds and smells as I worked the bike through it's gears. The meeting was the anti climatic part of the day. 1 hour and over.   But there was more.
My buddy, who I rarely get to see anymore, had ridden his 2nd bike to the meeting.  As we were heading the same direction, we left together to ride home. As we turned onto the exit road his bike died.  I mean it was running and then it wasn't.  It had plenty of battery, plenty of spark, it just was dead.  Could not get it running. So lucky for him, and me, another fellow member, in his truck, noticed us on the side of the road. He ran and got us some tools.  While we waited, my buddy and I chatted like we used to.  Guys can not see each other for months and when together it's like you were never away. Anyway, he had to remove a lot of stuff from the the breather side of the bike. I was great at holding the flashlight. We opened everything up, and tried the bike again, full choke and she fired back up.  Crazy huh?  Dirt in the carb?  Maybe...   But we kept it running and we put all the parts back on, returned the borrowed tools, and said our goodbyes.  Off he goes, like a bat out of hell.  I start to tear out after him, but remember I have my reading glasses hanging from my shirt, and I don't have on my riding glasses.  OMG.... I have to make some fast adjustments as my buddy is pulling away faster that a locomotive.  Remember now, it's dark I have to only use my left hand.  Stuff the glasses in my pocket and drop the riding glasses onto my nose. I then slam the throttle to catch up, of course.
So instead of getting home early like 9:15, I walked in the back door at 10:45ish.
Part of that was stopping for milk at our Wawa.  (Dad thing)  When I got home, i noticed as I opened the fridge that my wife had also picked up milk. So now we will have 2 days worth.  (Gallon a day here.)
No harm and no foul!!
I sit and watch the DVRd last 3 minutes of American Idol, watch last nights Lost episode and then head off to bed at 12:50AM.  Did I mention the 6 glasses of Iced Tea I had at the meeting? Kinda kept me up.

I will post more on the wonders of the DVR in another post, maybe at lunch!

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