Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Day

My #1 son is a new homeowner.  He made settlement at 11:00 AM this morning and borrowed the family air mattress to sleep in his new empty home.  I am very, very proud of him.  He is incredibly smart.  Now I will wait to see how long it takes him to actually move all his stuff out of our home.  His Aunt found a wall piano that her fellow worker was trying to get rid of for free.  He went to look at it last night. I'm thinking my truck will be quite handy right now! 
Not to be outdone, #4 son won his baseball game last night in killer fashion. 17-7 with many 5 run rule inning stoppers. He has another game today at 2.  My wife is making cupcakes for the team, as the coach asked her to to.  One of the boys on the team is having a birthday.  She is a good Team Mom.

I am planning on cutting some grass.  Got to leave by 1:00.  It's 10 now!

Have a great day, mine is set up just right!

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