Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Towns with Unconstitutional Laws

Marcus Hook, PA is joining the growing list of towns passing illegal curfew ordinances. Kids under 18 will be fined 25 dollars if found outside after 8 PM. So what's the big deal? How about that kids have the same constitutional protection from the law that adults have. If their parents let them out until 9 or 10 it is the parents responsibility. Nanny towns like Marcus Hook and Lower Chichester have illegal ordinances that I often called nuisance ordinances. The elected official, or cops know it is illegal, but they do it to get parents attention. They fine the child, parent pays, or has to take day off to go to District Court and get it dropped. 25 bucks, versus days pay? That is your choice.
There are laws like this all over. You want to fight a parking ticket, day off. you want to fight a speeding ticket? Day off. The meter person, the officer gets paid to be in court. Sometimes they get overtime. Hmmm, day in air conditioned courtroom, versus chasing bad guys, they take court every time.
One of my sons was at a party in West Chester, PA. The mayor there decided he had had enough of underage drinking. He had cops out roaming and LOOKING in windows to catch kids drinking in Apartments or student housing. So my son, who doesn't drink, was in an apartment when a LEO pushed his way in the apartment and said they had looked into a window and saw a bottle of booze. 7 cops took out all 7 of the kids. Big day in court, wife and I pay a lawyer 500 bucks to defend my kid who doesn't drink. Case was dropped, illegal search. Mayor made headlines. Do this enough, anger enough parents and they will tell the kids to STOP it, versus training them their constitutional rights. Illegal search, not invited in, no warrant.
I teach my kids to respect the law, but know it. They never talk to a LEO. The 5th amendment is truly a good thing.
So when you worry about Obama and healthcare imposing on you, look closer. The biggest imposition on your own life might be the elected officials closest to your front door.

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