Monday, April 5, 2010

McNabb leaving

People have been all over me today with comments on the Eagles QB McNabb leaving and going to Washington.  They know I was never a McNabb fan.  There were many reasons for my disliking him. But I want to say I wish him well. 
Reasons for ME disliking him?
  1. That beautiful smile he often showed after making a bonehead play.
  2. Throwing up in the playoff game, I never will forget that.
  3. In 11 years, never getting the timing down on a crossing pattern
  4. Never becoming a true Philly Icon with the fans.
  5. His Mom. Enough said.  
People would always argue he was going to the hall of fame.  I don't see it.  I actually will give Andy Reid a ton of credit for getting this guy the stats he has.  YES, he is the all time Eagles QB leader statistically. But I love Ron Jaworski, I love Randal Cunningham, I love Roman Gabriel.  If any of these QBs had the talent that this team put together in the last 10 years, they would already be in the HOF.

I will be looking forward to the Philadelphia Eagles line up with the Washington Redskins next year.  Not more than Dallas, but maybe equal next year!!

I also hope Kevin Kobb can hit the crossing route.

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