Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Miyagi moment!

Here is a picture of my 10 and 3/4s year old son Ryan. Yesterday was his first Little League game.  He wanted to play and we helped.  So he never played T ball, he never played before in a organized fashion.
So we were surprised at Sundays practice when he was announced as the starting pitcher for the first game against the Pirates.
What was surprising was that he didn't start. One of the coaches sons started the game. Ryan started in Center field. OK, so things change, no big deal, really. But there is always more to the story!!!
In the 4th inning with his team down 8-3 and the bases loaded with Pirates and Ryan playing center field, a huge kid from the pirates sends a shot out to right center. Ryan was off at it in a flash, and was running flat out tracking the bullet. At a full run and with little effort he reached up and snagged the ball out of the air.  End of inning. WOWOWOWOOWOWWOWOWOW!!   I only screamed for like 5 minutes. What made it better was Ryan's Grandfather was there to see it.

So guess who gets to come in as the closer the next inning?  Ryan on the mound, bottom of the 5th. First pitch?  STRIKE..  2nd pitch, Strike!!  3rd pitch STRIKE!!  One down...  Next batter, count goes to 2 and 2.  5th pitch, called strike.  2 down.  My belly is aching...  3rd batter.  Count goes full...  2 balls in strike zone are fouled off..   My belly is killing me....   Another pitch, SWING and a miss.  Strike 3..   He strikes out the side!!   Wooooohhhhooooooooooo!!!    I am giddy as a school girl..

His team loses, his coach has the talk after the game, moral booster speech.  Ryan gets the TEAM BALL!!
Ryans coach explains that the inning could have turned into a Chinese fire drill, and that his catch was incredible, and then to go on and strike out the side? All this without ever playing in a league.  He is a star!

So I am incredibly proud of my 4th son, he done good!!  He will always be my star, but now others see what I see every day!

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