Sunday, April 11, 2010

So you think you are busy?

The alarm clock today was once again set for 6:00 AM. I had to lead my motorcycle group up to their day of ERC training. But at 5:32 my eyes opened and I decided to just get as to not disturb my sleeping wife.  So off I go down to make the coffee.  I told some of the guys I'd be at the diner at 6:30 and I got there at 6:20.  I really do enjoy being early for things.

So the diner food was good, and I lead the 7 men on to the ERC (Experienced Riders Course). We take pretty back road with some twisties in them to get there.  But we get there early, and as always I had some people not show.  I signed up 12, and one guy doesn't show.  He doesn't call me, e mail me or nothing, he just doesn't show!  I hate that.  So if you are reading this STEVE you owe me a compliment for not telling everybody that you blew me off.  I actually got to do some demo riding this morning, and I loved that, although I didn't do to well.  I was nervous performing some basic skills in front of people.(Hard to believe me nervous, I know) But now I am back home and depending on my wife and how she is feeling, I might even head back!

The rest of the day is mine.  I will watch some of the Masters and maybe a Phillies game if on TV.  I will get to the lawn and yard during the week.  No fertilizer yet and its mid April.  Maybe I will call Lawn Doctor.  Feeling lazy now!

I will add some pictures as I unload them off the camera.  IF you ride a motorcycle, this training really could be YOUR life saver.  I kid you not.  Let me know if you have questions about it and I will help as best I can.

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