Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday celebration

Waking up Sunday morning I had big plans.  Break out the tractor, oil change her and clean up the yard. Put summerization plan on the 2 snow blowers was also in that plan.  What did I get done?  Nothing.  I layed around all day exhausted from the previous weeks schedule.  I got all caught up on TV shows.  I watched VOD all day.  From 12:30 until 11:30 PM I trotted through the various menus seeking out shows I have been missing.

How great is Comcast On Demand?     Spectacufabulous!!

I now know that Shannon Tweed does not have breast cancer.
I now know that Gene Simmons is 60 years old. 
I am all caught up with the new show, Justified.  If you haven't seen it watch it.  ("Take one more step and I will shoot you")
In Plain Sight is not bad, but the woman star got bad lip botox job since last year.(But has a great stomach) 
I am all caught up on Fringe.

I will cut the grass after work on Tuesday!

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