Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks to my Nephew

I have a nephew who is 38 years old.  He was born when I was 15 years old.  I have watched him grow up from diapers to being a successful business man. It is quite a site watching a baby become a boy and then the boy becomes a man. I was around him quite a lot when he was young. He had the greatest attitude.  His mom, my sister, was far from rich but she worked hard to give him a normal childhood. His dad left when he was very young, never far away, but not a daily influence. So my nephew had interesting role models as he matured.   I learned many things from my nephew along my life's journey, he will probably laugh when he reads that. He was in a great Rock band.  They went after it.  They traveled to a location where they had the best chance of discovery, but it was not to happen. The story goes that he made his mom a promise that if he didn't make it by his 30th birthday he would "get a normal" job.  As his Uncle, I couldn't believe he didn't make it. They had skills, talent, words and music. What he couldn't know was it was all about who you knew. The last successful Rock band that made it on their own was U2.  NONE of the current groups, no matter what you think, have made it without someone.  Now, with American Idol and bad one hit wonder bands happening every day, I still can't believe the music industry did not see my Nephews struggles and talent. The entire band was GREAT.  True to his word he came home, but not defeated, energized to make the next leg in his personal journey better.  He was married now, he was planning on his family, he had to over into the next level.  I remember me going through that.  Life changing decisions.
He is now a business man, and with his integrity and grit he has clawed his way into a piece of the main stream pie. He has found peace in that I think.  He will always have the memories of the past, but as he ages they get better each time the stories are told. The weeks of living on one can of Spam are over.  I remember too..
Now he has a wife and daughter to manage for.  Maybe another on the way, a son I hope. His life has changed, but I think he is happy.  That is all I ever wanted for him.  
He sparks me to compose more of my family day to day discussions, and I promise him I will.  But before I did that I wanted him to know how much I have, and always will love him.  He has positively influenced my life more than most, he has always made me happy.  We have a special handshake, so special that only he, me and my sons know it.  It will remain ours and ours alone.  I love you Michael Jason!!

Keep up the good work!! You are such a fashion GOD!!

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