Monday, April 19, 2010

Umpiring 101

I was at my #4 sons baseball game on Saturday.  The 2 umpires were also assistant coaches from other teams. They were really bad.  Since I am a certified umpire I see a lot of things that other people do not.
Let me set up for you the bad call of the game. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out.  Batter pops up into the  infield on the right side.  The first baseman makes the catch and sees that the runner on first has left the bag. He tags first.  Simple call, right?  Double play. 
Nope, not with these dopes.

Home plate umpire never called or signaled Infield Fly rule. So batter was not automatically out. BUT, when the first baseman, caught the ball the batter was out, and the runner being off first was out also.  The home plate umpire said the batter was out via infield fly, but the field ump called that the runner was safe at first.

Now you say to me why should I care?  Those 2 outs would have ended the inning.  Next kid comes up and hits a triple.  Game over.

This league goes with volunteer umps and they get what they pay for.   I umpire tonight for free.  (I hate that)

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