Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekends come and go.

Saturday started early. Baseball parade, we were early, but we forgot sunglasses at home, so we made 2 trips. The baseball parade was less than spectacular.  1 cop car, 6 fire engines and 300 kids walking in an organized chaos down the road.  1 mile to the fields. 
Once on the field, each team was announced by Comcast SportsNets own Michael Barkan. Some awards and plaques were handed out and the kids were introduced to Milt Thompson and Ryan Madsen of the Phillies.  This was a exciting nice touch.  A batting clinic and photos were taken and games that were to start at 10 moved closer to noon.  A 2 hour delay.  (Can you say bad planning?)
Our number 4 son's game was moved back far enough for us to run home and relax a bit.  But the game must go on.  So our boy plays Center field, First base and pitches a couple innings. Nice game, but they lose their third game.  2 games in a row they stage a late comeback and come up short.  Our son handles this pretty good. It was a cold day and we had more to do.
The number 4 son also had to be at the Wilmington Blue Rocks game by 5:00 PM.  So we head home add more layers and scoot to Frawley Stadium in Wilmington Dibelaware. We get there early and find that last nights game was rain delayed. So the kids playing band instruments were cold and now waiting an additional 2 hours.  The Star Spangled Banner lasts 2 minutes and 18 seconds, but I have never heard it played better.
Did I mention it was cold?  And windy?  My wife didn't make the first inning. She hopped into my truck to turn on heat.  The 2 boys, #3 and Trombone player #4 and I stayed for 3 innings.  In that 3 innings I saw 3 errors.  I guess that is why it is Carolina League baseball.

We made it home about 9 PM and felt we all had a long day.  Sleep was much needed.

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