Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to my nightmare!!

Welcome friends and family.  I finally got the gumption up to start a blog.  I have been a huge poster on other blogs and as most of you know I am very opinionated.

So I will speak here about my life, family and many outside interests.

This weekend I am taking another, my 8th, Experienced Motorcycle course. I take this course every year. I truly believe these courses have kept me alive on my motorcycle.  I ride many miles, and I have very few close calls.  BUT, this year my training has me taking it in a new direction.  I have decided to get certified to teach the course.  I will get to be an official "Riders Coach" for the PA Motorcycle Safety Association. I will be taking this on Saturday as part of my training.  On Sunday, many of my brother and sister riders will be taking their annual class.  I will meet them early for breakfast and lead them to the Valley Forge training facility.

That leads to part 2.  I am also a PIAA certified Umpire for baseball/softball. (Did that 20 years ago) My son Ryan is playing ball this year and his league needs help so I volunteered.  I sed to get 30 to 45 bucks a game, now I will get ZERO.  But they need the help and I love the game.

Part 3 you ask, is there one?  Of course there is.  I have been asked to get back involved in Emergency Communications for Delaware County. (Yes, another Certification I hold from Homeland Security and FEMA/PEMA) They miss me.  Years ago I managed the EmComm for Delco through Y2K and some 9/11 and some less obvious disasters.(Verizon phone line being cut, etc.) 

And last but not least, I hold a couple volunteer positions with the NRA and FOAC dealing with local gun issues. election issues and gathering data on politicians.  I also attend local township meetings as these towns attempt to pass illegal ordinances like the Lost and Stolen one that has been in the press.  We beat Radnor, Swathmore, Hatboro and others. 

So I will share all these stories in my daily life while attempting to stay married and be the best father to my 4 sons.

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