Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What the heck hit me?

Last night I was catching up on some DVRd programs and I fell asleep in the love seat. No surprise there as I do that often. I woke up at 1:00 AM and had quite a headache.  I must have been sleeping cramped up, so I just needed a couple Advil and I would awake refreshed in the morning.  So I took 2 Advil and swallowed 3-8 ounce cups of water and off to bed I went. I woke at 6:30 to the sound of my radio alarm running.  I was surprised since it had been set for 5:59.  I never do that, sleep through the alarm, WTF?  I open my eyes and start to raise my head and BOOM the throbbing starts.  Pounding like someone is in there trying to get out.  My equilibrium was also off I felt like I was back on board a 44 foot motor life boat from my Coast Guard days. I mosey on down the steps and reach for 3 Advil, it was truly a 3 Advil head splitter.  I take them and head over to the couch in the living room.  Down goes Danny....  I am laying there for about 30 minutes and my wife reminds me she is taking the truck and I pulled it into the garage. She says she can back it out, but her voice has that sound of nervousness. So I pop up to get the truck turned around in the driveway and I see spots, big spots, little spots, circling spots.  My head pounding, seeing spots and my belly starts to churn.  My mouth gets wet quickly and I know that feeling. I head to the powder room in a sprint, 13year old is in upstairs bathroom.  I make the room fine, now I am waiting.  Like an earthquake flowing lava I finally erupt. What is that vile stuff spewing out of me. Head still pounding, arms and legs trembling I kneel.  I'm going to be there a while.  Hitting empty when you are wrenching is the worst. I finish.  I'm wiped out, but the cold water from the sink helps cool my forehead and my neck.  I soak my hair and push it back.  My wife is at the door with some paper towels, just in case.  I don't need them, I am an unfortunate expert at throwing up, all my mess is flushed away.  So I head out the back door to get the truck out of the garage, body trembling, head pounding but mudding it through.  I say goodbye to my wife, and head upstairs to see my son off to school.
Then back on the couch until I have to start work.  No more Advil until 10.  Ugghhhh.
So the morale of the story?
Don't expect blog posts from me when the shit has hit the fan.

Ohh, I am feeling slightly better, head is good, body is shaky. These 24 hour bugs that the kids bring home are killers.  See you all tomorrow!

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