Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A win for the Orioles

#4 son plays for the Minor A Orioles team and they won their first game last night. 11-9 was the final.  My wife and I were there cheering him on.  He plays the game pretty well.  He played center, left, right fields, and 3rd base.  I was proud of him, and I am sure my wife was proud and happy that the losing is over. I'm sure my wife doesn't like baseball, but she is interested in learning the game more than ever. Her questions are always good ones now.
We went for ice cream, er, water ice to celebrate.   
I was early for the game, and I got to help set up the field. As a matter of fact I set up the entire field by myself. Hand rake the entire infield and both first and third base line.  Add to that home plate chalking and line chalking and I was pooped carrying all that stuff back and forth. I forgot to tell you laying out the bases, too. 
So you might say, "So what?"  Well, I was kind of mad. I don't mind helping, but I watched 2 to 3 other dads just sitting on the bleachers watching me. Not one asked to help, or if I needed help. Then during the game no one bothered to turn o the lights, so I walked to the snack bar to have them turned on.  I get back to my seat with my wife and after a half an inning I noticed one tower was not turned on in Left Field. So I trudge back to the snack bar to ask for ALL the lights to be turned on.  Poor kid in left was standing in the dark and no one noticed but me? 

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