Thursday, April 8, 2010

The wonders of a DVR

DVR, as in Digital Video Recorder, how did we ever live without them?

There are two types of DVR people, the ones that want a night or two of delay, versus the people that want what they can not have.  I set the DVR for various shows I happen to love.  Other shows I know are on the Comcast On Demand System and I watch it there. I try not to take up space on the DVR if I will watch On Demand.  The On Demand shows though are next day options.  Take the show "Lost," for instance. It comes on at 9:00PM ESDT and it is an hour. If I miss it that evening, I can watch the next evening as it will be on demand by 8:00 AM the next day.BUT if I want to watch it at 10:00 PM that night, I DVR it.  The additional benefits of the DVR are the increase Rewind and Fast Forwarding speeds.(I love the 5 minute jump with Page up and Down buttons)
Now someone in my house has a show assigned to record every day of the week for an hour.  There are currently 36 hours of show there for that viewer to catch up on.  The complication comes on the availability of that TV for viewing at a fair time for that viewer.  Less access to the TV, less chance to ever catch up. But the memory of the DVR gets used just the same.  The DVR has a setting that allows priority settings to be listed, and this 1 hour a day show is listed last.  So when Memory gets to being a minimum, the DVR starts to delete these shows first.  It can be an unkind week, when "House, 24, Lost, NCIS, American Idol, Ghost Hunters and seasonally Burn Notice and/or Son of Anarchy, we have times when the erasing occurs daily.  Even if the viewer finds the time to watch 3 hours of the daily show, there is still 2 more on there and after a month those 8 add up.
So as a good person, I opted to let that individual have their own DVR.

So what do I tell you is on my DVR list.  I mentioned some above.  I also watch Spartacus on Starz.  But I watch it On Demand. I have to make sure the kiddies are in bed are out for the hour. Now that 24 and Lost are final, I guess we will have more space. Maybe I will find some other shows as these leave.

What do you record?  Let me know.  What is your favorite part of the DVR experience?

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