Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vietnam? Yes or no?

 Fo News Story here

"Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is fighting back against a New York Times report that says he falsely stated his military service in Vietnam, saying the newspaper has created an "outrageous distortion" of his comments."

The key to this story is the "IN" Vietnam inflection.  I give this guy a pass. He was in the Marine Reserves in 1970?  That makes him a Vietnam ERA Veteran.

My time in the US Coast Guard Reserve was even funnier.  The Coast Guard was under the Department of the Transportation when I was in.  ONLY, when you were deployed to Vietnam were you under the Navy.
As a young seaman/petty officer you did what you were told.

I was a boat coxswain, one of their best. Vietnam/Cold war/Search and Rescue/Buoy placement?  What's the difference?
Like all Veterans we did what we were told to do, go where we were told to go and did what we were trained to do.  The risk was always there. It wasn't about the hat/ribbon/medal that you might have received, it was about the job you were told to do.

We carried 45's back then.  And I always felt better having it with me when I was stationed here on the Delaware River.  Trenton/Chester/Philly/Camden were/are all bad places.  Maybe as bad as any others I have been. There is no Urban Commando Ribbon/Medal.  But I survived.
I don't have a problem with this Marine saying he was a Vietnam Vet.  Neither should you. 
He didn't say he was Medal of Honor, or Purple Heart medal recipient.  He stretched the truth by using semantics. Semper Fi to him, and Semper Paratus from me!

Do you remember DDT??

DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane......   Pretty good, huh?  

Why, you may ask, am I talking about a controversial chemical from the 60s, 70s and 80's?
I was watching an owl get in a fight with 20 crows yesterday and it reminded me of the past when MAN almost knocked off some very cool animals. Hawks, Eagles, Owls, Foxes, and I am sure a host of other animals were hit hard by the impact of this killer chemical.
Farmers were looking to science for help to kill plant eating bugs back in the day.  Make the crops stronger, feed the people...   So science comes up with DDT.  It killed the bugs that were eating the vegetables, but it also caused  a Domino Effect on the rest of wildlife.  Follow this if you can?  A mouse eats a fallen tomato from a vine that has been treated with DDT.  The mouse gets eaten by an owl.  The DDT chemical impacts the Owls reproduction system, eggs are dead at placement.  Hawks?  Same path, the eat rodents and fish. So the DDT didn't kill any animal directly, it caused the eggs of the mother to be dead on arrival.  So slowly the population did not replenish itself. Not wiped out, slowly beaten out.
Today, we know the impact and we are just in time.  Now we see hawks/falcons everywhere, owls are nesting in various locations in my neighborhood.  This helps to keep a natural control on the squirrels and chipmunks.  With the flow of more rodents comes the Red Tailed Fox, and food enough for it, and it's young, to survive.    The cycle is again complete.
So when I was growing up playing in the woods as a boy, back in the 60s, I rarely saw these animals. Now today I stare everyday at something new.  I am happy we caught this DDT issue in time.  I admit I like seeing and watching nature in my suburban neighborhood. Deer everyday, Foxes running free, Owls, Hawks, and all the rest of Gods creatures.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The blur that was the weekend

Thursday night: Umpire baseball game.
Friday night: Umpire baseball game, game called due to lightning storm in top of 4th.
Saturday: Newtown Edgemont Little league day.
Saturday night: Nieces graduation from Neumen University. (She got masters with Suma Cum Laude)
Sunday: Umpire 2 games. leave house at 11 return after 4.

In between I ate some food and watched some TV.  I was hoping to have some motorcycle riding time, but that didn't happen. I was planning on taking off today, Monday, and riding with 4 friends to Annapolis, MD for lunch and riding miles.  Rain is now in forecast, canceled a day off and restful ride day.  Maybe I can sneak it in on Friday? 
Who knew, since I didn't, that Memorial day is the 31st?  I was hoping to have off next Monday, now I have to wait another week. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Older woman, younger men?

I have some loosely thought out brain teasers.

Why is Demi Moore the Cougar Goddess?  I mean if she wasn't fabulous looking at her age, Ashton wouldn't be with her, would he? Does anyone, other than me, think we always pick the gorgeous older woman with the handsome younger man.  It's not like you would see Ashton with Joan Rivers? Or Meryl Streep, right?

Will someone pony up and say, "they were just made for one another?" Another older woman below!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another week of flying...

Tuesday night: #4 has 4 innings of baseball in the rain.  No taco dinner.
Wednesday night: Bike club meeting, #4 to baseball practice.
Thursday night: Umpire ball game. #4 to dentist at 5:00, band concert at 7:00 with wife.
Friday night: Umpire ball game at 5:30, and then watch #4 play at 7:30.
Saturday is NELL day. God Daughters Masters graduation and grass cutting.
Sunday is 2 of #4's baseball games.  Double header. 

Anyone want to switch lives with me? 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love this video!!

William Shatner

Number 1 son

My number 1 son, as I mentioned in past posts, has bought a new home. He took full advantage of all the tax breaks and 3.5% down payment government programs. So he now has a nice manageable 30 year mortgage. It's a nice middle row home in a great block and he has great neighbors. He plans on working on it and moving in sometime in June.  2 down and 2 to go.

Stop into his web site and listen to him rock!!

Modern Bliss

One liners

Friday Night:  Umpire a baseball game with head umpire, me at plate. We start game on field 1, lights blow out in right field, we move to an open field 2, and the right field lights there switch off, too.  Game delayed.
Saturday morning:  Rise early lead a ride to another scheduled Experienced Riders Course. One of my brothers in the club throws a fit at a Rider Coach and leaves training while hurling expletives.  I have to apologize for him.

Saturday Afternoon:  Number 4's baseball game, hey win, I learn how to work the scoreboard. Windy day, good win. We head for late lunch at Nifty Fifties in Ridley.  I am tired.
Saturday late afternoon: Back home at 5:30 and need to shop for Mothers Day presents. Lay my head back to catch quick nap. Wake up 12 hours later. WTF?
Sunday early AM:  Buy last cards and plants for Mothers Day. Pick up milk and some other needed food products, home by 6:30 AM, every one else is sleeping.
Sunday later AM: Wife wakes up to Breakfast in bed served and made by 3 of her 4 sons.  Pancakes, orange juice and flowers.  She is smiling.
Sunday Afternoon:  Dinner at Giuseppes for Italian meal.  Seated in less than 30 minutes, waited for meal about 70 minutes, eat and leave.  It was packed like sardines in there. 
BOOM, Monday...   What happened to the weekend?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Days of our Trailers: We Need It Now!!

Days of our Trailers: We Need It Now!!

Illinois is shaking in their boots. My suggestion is to give all their law abiding folks the easy right to get a firearm. Crime would go down quickly as it has in most areas that folks have easy access to firearms.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad keyboard

So I am suffering with a bad lap top keyboard.  It has really slowed my posting down a ton. For no apparent reason some keys have been having a life of their own.  Take my "N" key.  It mostly does not work, I have to hammer on it a couple times to get it to work.  Then there is a the "G" key.  It takes me to the end of page position.  There are 3 or 4 others that have some impact on my writing. While I am no advanced typist, I can fly using 4 fingers pretty good.  But when you have to retype every N ad watch every G. OMG. 

This weekend I helped my number one son with some removal of wall paper in his new house.  So I had very little time to write for the blog   I did write a 4 paragraph post on what we did to get the old paper off the wall, but the I hit "B" and it all erased.  I wasn't going to retype it all.

So now I am shopping for a new lap top!  Or maybe I will test plugging in a keyboard?