Monday, May 17, 2010

The blur that was the weekend

Thursday night: Umpire baseball game.
Friday night: Umpire baseball game, game called due to lightning storm in top of 4th.
Saturday: Newtown Edgemont Little league day.
Saturday night: Nieces graduation from Neumen University. (She got masters with Suma Cum Laude)
Sunday: Umpire 2 games. leave house at 11 return after 4.

In between I ate some food and watched some TV.  I was hoping to have some motorcycle riding time, but that didn't happen. I was planning on taking off today, Monday, and riding with 4 friends to Annapolis, MD for lunch and riding miles.  Rain is now in forecast, canceled a day off and restful ride day.  Maybe I can sneak it in on Friday? 
Who knew, since I didn't, that Memorial day is the 31st?  I was hoping to have off next Monday, now I have to wait another week. 

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