Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One liners

Friday Night:  Umpire a baseball game with head umpire, me at plate. We start game on field 1, lights blow out in right field, we move to an open field 2, and the right field lights there switch off, too.  Game delayed.
Saturday morning:  Rise early lead a ride to another scheduled Experienced Riders Course. One of my brothers in the club throws a fit at a Rider Coach and leaves training while hurling expletives.  I have to apologize for him.

Saturday Afternoon:  Number 4's baseball game, hey win, I learn how to work the scoreboard. Windy day, good win. We head for late lunch at Nifty Fifties in Ridley.  I am tired.
Saturday late afternoon: Back home at 5:30 and need to shop for Mothers Day presents. Lay my head back to catch quick nap. Wake up 12 hours later. WTF?
Sunday early AM:  Buy last cards and plants for Mothers Day. Pick up milk and some other needed food products, home by 6:30 AM, every one else is sleeping.
Sunday later AM: Wife wakes up to Breakfast in bed served and made by 3 of her 4 sons.  Pancakes, orange juice and flowers.  She is smiling.
Sunday Afternoon:  Dinner at Giuseppes for Italian meal.  Seated in less than 30 minutes, waited for meal about 70 minutes, eat and leave.  It was packed like sardines in there. 
BOOM, Monday...   What happened to the weekend?

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