Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vietnam? Yes or no?

 Fo News Story here

"Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is fighting back against a New York Times report that says he falsely stated his military service in Vietnam, saying the newspaper has created an "outrageous distortion" of his comments."

The key to this story is the "IN" Vietnam inflection.  I give this guy a pass. He was in the Marine Reserves in 1970?  That makes him a Vietnam ERA Veteran.

My time in the US Coast Guard Reserve was even funnier.  The Coast Guard was under the Department of the Transportation when I was in.  ONLY, when you were deployed to Vietnam were you under the Navy.
As a young seaman/petty officer you did what you were told.

I was a boat coxswain, one of their best. Vietnam/Cold war/Search and Rescue/Buoy placement?  What's the difference?
Like all Veterans we did what we were told to do, go where we were told to go and did what we were trained to do.  The risk was always there. It wasn't about the hat/ribbon/medal that you might have received, it was about the job you were told to do.

We carried 45's back then.  And I always felt better having it with me when I was stationed here on the Delaware River.  Trenton/Chester/Philly/Camden were/are all bad places.  Maybe as bad as any others I have been. There is no Urban Commando Ribbon/Medal.  But I survived.
I don't have a problem with this Marine saying he was a Vietnam Vet.  Neither should you. 
He didn't say he was Medal of Honor, or Purple Heart medal recipient.  He stretched the truth by using semantics. Semper Fi to him, and Semper Paratus from me!

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