Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My "n" is broke...

If you can't read this well it's because I have a broken N on my keyboard.  I now know I use that letter a lot.
I spent 2 days riding this past weekend.  Down to Southern Maryland ad all over hell and creation.  Stopped overnight in Grasonville.  Rode home Monday coming up from far southern Delaware Shore. It was the first time I had been to Dewey Beach. Seemed like a nice family place, just south of Rehobeth Beach.
A guy from work set up this ride and the turn out was great.  Some of the people in the picture above need riding lessons, but I won't say here which.  It was 100 degrees on Sunday so you see me sporting my orange wet/damp bandana around my neck (On the right ) I rode Sweep, in the back.  Nice time. 

We stopped at a local bar where they happen to have a bikini contest going on. The winner below.
Other than that it was old guys o bikes enjoying riding and eating .

Someday I will share with you how a 18 dollar prime rib cost me 60 bucks. 

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