Monday, January 31, 2011

My opinion in the highest level of ignorance.

A shooting range is too close to a house, school AND airport?

OK, so you might say this story has to do with gun range and you can see why I might mention it. But no, it's really about the incredible ignorance of some people and how they possibly get that way. The story above starts with a woman who owns a historic home who happens to be close to a gun range.  She wants the range closed, even though it dates back wayyyyyyyyyy before she owned the "Historic Home"! So, she gets stonewalled from the local town, because the range falls inside all the State laws and local ordinances.  So the woman throws out the elementary school (Can you hear her saying, "think of the children?")and guess what?, No luck there either. Now that she has been beat on the Local and State level she foes to the FAA, or Feds to stop gun shooting because there is an airport nearby.  Can you say NERVE? Sure you can!!

As to me bringing this all up, it's people I have met like this in the past.  I was at a Skippack Township meeting back years ago, when a man and woman came into complain about the airport behind their NEWLY built home. They paid $450,000.00 in 1990 for a 3100 Sq foot home in rural Skippack.(They moved from New Jersey) They moved in and never knew there was an airport less that 500 feet out their back door. The end of the runway was right there.  LOL!  How do you not know that??  The woman said they visited only during the week and never knew the airport was there, and the weekend noise was killing them and stopping them from having a normal life.  The commissioners were very nice and advised her to contact the FAA.
One commissioner asked the question everyone wanted to know, "Why would you spend 450,000 dollars and not know that?" The crowd of 30 attendees broke into loud agreement applause.  I was laughing like the rest.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Having kids in Middle School!!

Today is Sunday and there is still 15 to 20 inches of un melted snow outside. I might have been able to go for a Motorcycle ride today, or maybe grab some pistols and head to shoot some old ammo that is nearing end of life.
Maybe the wife and could have gone bowling, or the movies or doing something nice together.  But NNNOOOOOOOOO, my 14 year old #3 son has a school project to complete. Now he has been working on this elaborate project for about 2 weeks on and off, but it is now due on Tuesday. So my day today and half of yesterday is tied up helping him attain a good grade in History. Why do teachers assign things that truly make the parents go nuts??  So we had to go to Home Depot for wood and chicken wire to make a frame and base. We had to buy wood screws, toy civil war soldiers and cannons, paint for the roads and houses he built. We went to a fabric store
 All in $47.00 so far.  My wife is picking up some thumbtacks to hold the felt down to the frame he built. Then he (AKA we) has to mount and sew the 100 soldiers and cannons to the felt. LOL!!

It's getting there....If I don't go crazy first!

John Lott Opinion: Gun Control Emotions vs. Gun Control Facts

John Lott, Jr. really gets it.  He has all the TRUTH and facts we will ever need. Those of us that believe in gun rights and freedoms need to get all his facts and figures and memorize them. It is this truth that we need to profess from every mountain, every shore, every corner of our existence.

Early morning thought process

I had quite a long week last week.  I was really pushed to the max with all the additional snow removal and my kids band equipment loading and unloading. I was physically exhausted yesterday with a tiny hint of muscle ache. All that being said I fell asleep early last night and woke extra early this morning.  I started my coffee in the 4 o'clock AM hour and I sat in the kitchen attempting to watch some TV. What I found is that there is NOTHING on TV at those hours except infomercials. You name it!  P90X, Ab workout machines, Total Gym, Juicers, Vaccuum Cleaners, Roasters, on and on and on and on and on..   You getting that??  It was terrible.

So I started to think about all the worlds shift workers deal with having nothing to watch when they have their off time. My company employs people 24-7. From the Call Centers to the Technical "eyes on glass"monitors, we now have over 35% of our employees working some sort of shift work. Some work 4 ten hour days, some have even odder shifts, but they get ripped off when it comes to their off time hours. Say you get home from work at midnight each day. You have very little to watch, right? Isn't that discriminatory? The TV world for those folks is totally different from the rest of us. Now I obviously know there is Hulu and Netflix and On Demand services which is probably what they do, but how the world has changed huh?

All of my working life I have been  lucky to have always worked, as my main shift, 8 to 5. I have had to work "on call" and overtime hours in that employ, but it rarely had me out between Midnight and 5 AM.  I actually got in trouble about 25 years ago, as I was assigned to start a job at 5 AM with another junior worker. I was to teach him how to do morning cut overs on some services. Since historically 5 AM was lowest viewing time, we were scheduled then to do the work. I missed my alarm going off at 4 AM, I never heard it. It was a radio alarm and I guess I slept through it.  What made it worse was that since I missed the 4 AM wake up, I over slept through my normal 7 AM wake up.  I woke at 8:20 to the ring of the phone with my pissed off boss asking me where I was.  Not a very good day for me.  (It erased all the great things I had done in one swoop, isn't that how it always is? Do great 10 times, or 20, times and one mistake erases all that!)

So if you read this far, think about the people who have no TV choices they can easily make because the are working through the normal TV Prime Time hours. I pray for them they all get Shift Differential pay to make up for the things they obviously miss while the majority of us are home!

Update:  Found this after typing my story.    How cool is this??

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Utah Carry Permit

Last night I spent 5 hours attending a class to get my Utah Concealed Carry Permit. It cost me 100 dollars and when I left the entire package of things I needed to send away for my permit. Today I will mail my package including a fingerprint card, a passport size photo of me and associated paperwork all signed and approved by a 3 certified Instructors. I met about 10 of my friends there last night, I was mentioned as biggest recruiter.
OK, so you may ask, why a Utah Permit, Danny?
To answer that honestly I have to start off saying that the United States Gun Laws are crazy as hell.  The states are not so UNITED when it comes to making gun law sense either. Each State has their own version. So in order for me to carry a weapon into Delaware and Ohio I needed to procure a permit from Utah.  Pennsylvania license does not give me reciprocity with Delaware and Ohio. I am in Delaware often, Ohio not so much. So I go through a 4 hour class and get certified trainers to stamp me a paper that lets me apply to Utah for a non resident permit. It truly is crazy that I would leave my law abiding abilities at the border of 202 or 95 as I traveled south.
So in about 60 days I will have 2 State license/permit so I can get to carry a firearm in more states. 

I still am not allowed to carry in Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts all of which I get to pretty often. It is my hope that educating people who might read my blog to the stupidities that exists in the Gun Law world might make things simpler as we continue to press for further freedoms.
 So soon I will be legal in 36-37 states.  What is wrong with those other 13-14?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bartender Accidentally Shoots Kills Himself In Lawrenceville

The details on the story are interesting and need to be looked at very closely. I have never met a knowledgeable gun person who hasn't met an idiot like this one. I run into them often. People who find out that I am pro active in the fight for gun rights seek me out to spread the latest news and impress me with their latest purchase.
I was at my local monthly Harley Owners meeting and one of the older members couldn't wait to yank out his new Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 with its laser. 66 people in the room, and he's palming the gun and flicking the laser on the wall. I had to dress him down NICELY and let him know this wasn't the place. But I hated doing it. Maybe I should say I hated that I had to do it, which would be more truthful.
So, back to the bartender in the story. He was twirling a LOADED 357 revolver? OK...  How many of us are saying, "no way twirling a revolver would set off the double action trigger?" BUT, we are being logical.  I assume he cocked the hammer and then twirled it. Proving that he was an idiot.  A nice guy, as everyone mentions in the article, but an idiot when it comes to guns. Brutally honest? Maybe. But necessary.
It is my sincere hope that one potential idiot reads this post and says, "Don't twirl a gun and keep my 380 in its holster at Harley meetings."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol Week 2 Milwaukee, WI.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post my weekly Idol blast, but I will not be home tonight to view it, so I will report twice this week. Last night, which was another 2 hour show, was fantastic.  I really love watching Steven Tyler in action, he really gets into each persons performance. He is kind, interested and loves what he is doing. It is very hard for me to believe he is 62-63 years old.  He joins in with many of the performers and sings perfect pitch harmonies with them. He asks them to reach and do more. He even admits to liking some of them, but they are not for Idol.  I think he has brought a ton of experience to the show.
Now my Jay-Lo report for this week.  She is in my tits on a bull class this week.  She really doesn't bring much to the show, she is beautiful and successful, but when talking about the performers she is silly and immature IMHO.
Randy Jackson has become the bad guy.  "You are terrible, absolutely terrible," he tells one guy.
Last night had more people trying out that sucked and didn't think they did. I really don't get how these people think they can sing. They truly are bad, but they don't hear it. When they are told they suck, they argue with the judges and blame them for other things. One black girl said, "is it because I ain't thin like those white girls?" NO, it was truly because you were terrible, off key and flat and then back to terrible.
So let me get to my best Steven Tyler moment of the night, and they truly saved the best for last. This young guy, 22, comes on and mentions he was 2 months from marrying this wonderful girl, we see videos of him proposing to her at a coffee shop they worked at, the young girl gets in a car wreck and has serious brain damage. But the guy stays with her and nurses her back to semi health, she has brain damage and sits in a wheel chair. The young guy saus, "What kind of guy would I be if I left her, I was 2 month from saying my vowels of richer and poorer, sickness and health." My #3 son starts crying, my sinuses stat to ache a bit, and we are watching and waiting for him to sing. He sings and sings great. The judges tell him he's great and ask to meet his girlfriend. She is wheeled in and Randy shakes her hand, Jay Lo shakes her hand and Steven Tyler embraces her and talks to her in her ear and says, "He was singing about you in that song, that's why he sings great, he truly loves you."  WOW..  Not just a hand shake, a full body embrace and really made her feel great.  You can tell a lot about people in how they treat mentally challenged or physically challenged people. Steven was very comfortable and natural with her. There were many tears in our den last night.  If you missed it, it was one of those moments that words of rookies like me can't accurately express. It was powerful stuff.

All in all?  Good to great show!

Video here if you must

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy in 2011.

Occasionally something beautiful and sexy looking will catch my eye and I feel the need to share it with everyone.  I have always loved the Harley Softail model, but I ride to many miles to want to bruise my kidneys on truly long rides, BUT if I were to want to bruise my kidneys I would love to have this new 2011 Blackline.  Ain't she beautiful?? More info here.

The State of the Union

It seems in my world today everyone has comments on the SOTU. So, since I watched it all, I have this blog to give my opinion. Not that any of you care, but I have one. 

The President is a great speaker, anyone familiar with Toastmasters would instantly recognize this. He makes even the most mundane point seem like something you want to listen to. Now as to the meat of the speech. I was happy he failed to mention Gun Law changes, although Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchel are quoted as saying that he will have a separate announcement concerning gun law needs "later"!  I think that the polls are showing that people will accept some changes and restrictions, based on no facts mind you, but based on the emotions of the Tucson event. He used the word "Investment" for what I easily read into as more spending. More spending?  What is he thinking?  And then I heard what made me laugh out loud.  High Speed Rail. Like Amtrak but faster.  He even poked fun of us all having to get anal cavity searches via TSA at airports. He needs one before he gets on Air Force One. High Speed rail.  I have ridden Amtrak, and when I have the time it's an enjoyable experience. I like to be able to easily walk around, have the leg room, plug in my computer and nap. BUT I sure ain't taking it to Denver, or St.Louis for a business trip.  Dumb, dumb, dumb. The last thing I wanted him to do is stop calling people who make $250,000 dollars a year millionaires.  I think if, as a family, you make over 5 million a year, and have for over 3 years straight, you can afford a tax increase, OR, choose to give that same money to a charity of your choice.  NOT both. 
Then there was the teachers comment he made.  My #4 son wants to be a teacher, and he wants to teach math, so looks like it will be good for him. I also do not want him to have to support the SEIU. (Teachers Union) I pray it will be gone when he starts applying. 

So I liked the presentation, but it was missing what I wanted to hear. Things like; Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, the FBI and ATF, Marshal service all are merged and smalled down. Things like truly making Federal government SMALLER. I want CUTS, not freezes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dave Grohl and his Harley Davidsons.

I came across this video today, and it features two of my favorite things in the world. Dave Grohl and Harleys.
I hope you enjoy it.

So you think it was cold??

I was talking motorcycle riding with some friends yesterday.  We have only 2 or 3 that will ride in cold weather like it has been here in Philly area over the weekend.  Of the 3 of us, we have heated gear. Gloves, vests, pants, socks, etc., etc. There is a particular layering you have to do to stay warm yet keep the ability to move some.
I am a big one for starting with Armor All under gear.  Then a wool/flannel/fleece combo, then the leathers. jacket, chaps and Spit SHINED boots.  Throw in a good balaclava for motorcycling, good goggles, even ski goggles, and you are ready to go. Plug in the heated vest and gloves, set the thermostat and off you go, right?? Well, I have been in 32, 22 and 12 once.

It was decided that we were tough, but we wouldn't ride in the temps in the picture below!
Minus 32 degrees F. Or as I said it last night, "frickin negative 32" !!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Here comes Bloomberg with emotion

Not a shred of evidence in my opinion to do anything, but he will have all the ANTI Gun "*criers" on stage with him, I bet. The Anti Gun folks thrive on the use of emotion.  They ignore facts, they ignore everything, except showing you the grief of victims families. I share their grief, each and every one. what I do not lose touch of is the facts and I am in charge of the safety of me and my family.  We must stay diligent and not get complacent in our resolve to keep them away from our freedoms. Believe me, they would take them away of they could.  We have the majority of voters on OUR side, we need to keep it that way and grow.

*Many of you may not be old enough to remember that back in the 50's, 60's and 70's it was common in Italian funeral to have paid "criers" at the wake and at the cemetery. They were woman dressed in black that kept the tone somber by sitting and crying the whole time.  I remember only one when I was a child, but it was quite different from the wild drunken Irish wakes I was used to.

Are you ready for some football

What a lazy Sunday I had. I did very little. I am pretty sure the only positive thing I did was load and run the dishwasher.  I think the winter blues have sunk in. Snow and freezing temps have slowed my mental escape motorcycle riding. Most of the Polar Bear, Chili Willi and Frosty Ball rides have been rescheduled for another date later in the year. So what is a man to do?
I drove my #3 son to the video game store, stopped at Wawa for milk and a sandwich and then returned home. My wife had to go out to buy a belt, and she was with her sister. My son #1 was taking 3 and 4 out for a movie and I was alone. 2 football games back to back and no one to bother me? Sounded like heaven.
First game, Green Bay and Chicago was a good game, great chess match of different things. The Pack marches the opening drive right down field and scores. Chicago adjust it's D and game turns to a tough brutally hitting game. Kudos to the Packers on the win. I am staying out of the Cutler QB controversy.
The second game, Pittsburgh and NY/NJ Jets is a wild one.  The game early on looks to be a blow out with the Steelers kicking butt.  I felt so confident that the Steelers had this one that with 1 minute left in the first half, I told my wife I would run out and get some food for her and I. I wanted a Roast Beef from the local Ale House, but my wife said, "She had Roast Beef for lunch with her sister!" So I say, "No biggy, I will stop and get what you want and then go to Ale House and get what I want!"  Big, big mistake.  
I drive to Wawa to get my wife a Hoagie, she loves Ham and Provolone with no onions. Wawa is always fast. So I place my order and notice the Wawa is empty except for one woman who is sipping coffee and reading a paper. Cool, I think, then I run over to get my wife her Pepsi.  I come back to the counter expecting my hoagie to be ready and I notice the GUY is cutting cold cuts. He is slicing cheese. He has about a 2 inch stack on the weigh station. No biggie, right? WRONG.  The woman sipping coffee and reading the paper has decided this would be a good time to order 4 pounds of cheese, 3 pounds of imported ham and 5 pounds of domestic ham.  Who does that?  Who goes to Wawa for that big of stuff and pays Wawa prices? I mean there is an Acme about 1/8 of a mile up the road. But Nooooooooooo, the order in front of mine is HUGE.
I should add that the GUY, a redhead, was working at the "I am hourly and don't care" pace. So now I wait 20 minutes for hoagie at an near empty Wawa. (Remember I am trying to do this at half time.)

So off I go to the Ale House.  I order my beef sandwich and sit at the bar. They have big screen TV's all around and I notice as I enter the game is obviously on, the halftime break is over and the score is 24-10.  I missed the 10 points that the Jets scored.  Arrrgghhhhhh..

I get home, see the safety and my Roast Beef was LOUSY. Fatty, grisly and on a long roll. Not a Kaiser roll.

The rest of the game viewing was uneventful, and Pittsburgh won.  They are my pick for Super Bowl winner.
Big Ben will get his third ring, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will win their 8th Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Super Bowls -  8
Philadelphia Super Bowls - 0  with 2 losing appearances.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

B B B B Baseball......

My wife signed our number 4 son up for baseball today. I will of course be repeating my role as most hated Umpire in the league.  The try outs for him are in Feb., but they love to get the money in the bank early to buy uniforms and things.  I bought all my own umpiring gear this year.  Last year I was wearing what ever they had in the Umpires Lounge (Spelled c l o s e t) . This year I won't have to share my mask with some sweaty old dad.

I am one of 3 trained and schooled Umpires that show up. I am helping them with an umpire clinic in March!
Let it be Spring, I am ready!  Pitchers and Catchers report on February 15, 2011.  Ahhhhh, baseball!!

Bye Bye Keith Olbermann

The Comcast NBC deal is 5 days from being finished and Keith Olbermann is gone.  I have to admit I have watched Keith on and off for the last year, but more for the entertainment factor than following him for ideological commonality. He used to say some incredibly stupid things.  There is a You Tube video of Glen Beck saying, back in November 2010, that this would happen.  I will try to link it. It makes it even more funny when you see who gets the last laugh.

I will miss the banter between Ann Coulter and Olby. I can't wait to read her next weekly review. Her and him have been fighting since they started in the business. She was often beating up his attaining his degree from an agricultural college.  I laughed every time he defended his self.

Friday, January 21, 2011

California Declares Fiscal Emergency

This is all I could think of.
Ban Happy Meals.

American Idol Night 2

I promise to keep my American Idol posts to only one a week after this one. Last night was good.  My wife mentioned what is a sure winner in the format.  Show us the full try out of the good ones and link the bad ones to 15 and 30 second hits.  So we hear more of the good singing, and less of the losers. The killer part last night was the chubby 15 year old boy towards the end. He was low key and knocked it out of the park. He was the highlight of the night.  The show was only an hour from New Orleans, versus 2 hours night earlier. Steve Tyler really stays active into each performance. J-Lo is starting to get her game on, and she is stunningly beautiful. A funny segment was a young guy who idolized her, told her and shared his abs on TV, while apoligizing to her husband Marc Antony.  As the young guy was showing off his 6 pack, Steven Tyler and randy joined him and, guess what, Steven Tyler has a great stomach to.  I mean the man is 63 years old, and both my wife and I were amazed, she maybe more than me. 

So I will try to keep my idol posts to only once a week, unless something strains to be typed.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Again

American Idol is back and of course we have 2 new judges. Steven Tyler and J-Lo are new and I have to admit, with Randy the Dog they did a nice job.  Tyler was phenomonal.  He was funny, sweet, coy and enjoyable.  He likes the ladies, and the ladies like him. J-Lo was slow to warm up, she did better on the NJ second day.  I think she reviewed the film of the first day later that night.

Viewership was down 13% and I think it will rebound. Some people are still suffering from the mistake that was made last year with Chris Allen beating Adam Lambert.  Adam was FARRRRrrrrrrr more talented and has already outsold Chris in album sales.  I just hope Adam doesn't follow the foot steps of Clay Aiken.
The episode tonight grabbed us right away with 3 to 4 winners that were truly good voices.  Then the obvious sob storys.  Dad with throat cancer , Poor boy twin from the projects, yet wearing designer eye wear, steals our heart.  (Not mine really) A sweet country girl from North Carolina has a great country voice.  I liked that Tyler loves all music, versus last years Idol Judge Simon who always said he hated country. (He needs to watch Carrie Underwood more)

So my musical loving family and I will be watching again tonight with try outs being held in New Orleans.
In my family you have tons of musical talent.
Son 1.  Drums for ModernBliss, plays piano and guitar
Son 2.  Bass and guitar, really killer instinctive jazz bass player
Son 3.  Trumpet player and sings well.
Son 4.  Trombone player in Jazz Band, and plays a little piano.
Me?     I've been known to play a little guitar and sing anytime I can
Wife?   She plays a little piano and sings very well for being introverted. 

So let me know how you feel about Idol?

NPR needs to be defunded

Look at this letter below and tell me if it doesn't nake you mad.  NPR was the company that fired Juan Williams for mentioning he was afraid when he got on a plane with people who dressed in Muslim attire. He anI share that phobia BTW.  Now NPR employees are looking to gather speakers from the gun blogging family that support their hosts position. Read the e mail below, with emphasis added by me.

I sent a copy of this letter to my newly elected Congressman, Pat Meehan requesting that he report back to me any progress congress is having on defunding the PUBLIC supported broadcaster. I asked him to sign on to any defunding bill and I filled him in on my expretise in the telecommunications and broadcast history and knowledge.   I also copied Mathew from NPR because I am not a back biter like that.

Feel free to send your congress member a e mail or letter if this double standard bothers you as much as it does me.

From: Matthew Baskin


Sent: Fri, January 14, 2011 1:32:22 PM

Subject: NPR show On Point needing progressive gun guest

Hi Mr. Blogger,

My name is Matthew Baskin and I work for the NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook. I’m writing to ask if you’d be able to speak as a guest on Monday, January 17. We’re looking for a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter who is not opposed to the forthcoming McCarthy bill re: limiting magazine capacity. I’d be very grateful if you could put me in touch with any gun owner who is not opposed to regulation. Let me know if anyone comes to mind. Thanks very much.


Matthew Baskin

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenn Beck was right, Philly Sucks

A much better blog

I live in the western burbs. I hate the city, and only go there when I have to, and always armed. Of course I am always armed when I am out anywhere. I go to Eagles games, Phillies games and concerts at the Center. My one son lives at 15th and SpringGarden and I loop off 676, down 13th, make a left on 15th and pick him up, then right down back onto 676 out again. I have eaten at Dave and Busters once and I’ve been to the Dock bar for a Ben FM birthday bash to see my oldest sons band play. Modern Bliss

Now you know my entire 2010 Philly visit schedule and if you want to know why, ask Wyatt to list those stats again

Gun Control

The Tucson shootings have brought the anti gun folks back out in the light. For the last 20+ years they have been relegated to one loss after the other. First Florida allows Licensing, and soon others follow. Their cries of anarchy never occurred. The assault weapon ban was not renewed, no blood in the streets. Heller and McDonald rulings from the Supreme Court of the U.S. deals them blow after blow of heart wrenching losses.
Then a popular, GUN FRIENDLY demoncrat Congresswoman gets shot by a lone mentally ill young man, and all hell breaks loose.  They are coming out of the woodwork. Ban the magazine extension, only allow 10, EXCEPT for the police.  Dumb idea. Killers will just carry more mags. Please look atvideo below.  Another lawmaker wanted to make it against the law to have a gun within 1000 feet of THEM(Congress) Like, how would I know where they are, will they have a big baloon over them? Dumb, dumb, dumb!! 
It is my belief that nothing will happen. We will win the day again, because we have facts and truth on our side.  It has been us telling the truth and stating quantifiable facts that has us holding credibility with the citizens of the country. I hope we always have the high road to hold.

Where have you been?

I got a new computer and the keyboard is working. I never realized how tough and frustrating not having a working keyboard could be. My family and I had a great restful holiday. I am looking forward to a great 2011. I have had a tough couple of years and I am working out of a rut. Let's see if I can share with you all my success at a come back.

My motorcycle broke again right before the Christmas Holiday.  The front pivot point on the shift lever broke and needed to be replaced. It was replaced and the new one has a grease point on it.  I guess they (Harley) thought that adding a grease fitting would be a good idea AFTER they installed the initial one. While the bike was getting fixed I added some new air horns.  2 of them are now frame mounted just below the gas tank up by the front axle. My old horn was 86dB. The new ones are 136dB.  I can't wait until I can say, "Can you hear me now!" Now I tell you this because I spent money to get horns and fix the bike. I also did it right after Christmas. Many bills are coming in and I added some more with the bike repairs and add ons. My wife would have preferred that I wait, but she doesn't understand how important having that bike in good working order is to me. When she has her car repaired or maintained, I never ask. It is her baby, and I feel if she wants the work done, then OK. But my bike is viewed as a toy, I guess.  I have other work I want to get done to the bike, but I try to spread it out.  Heck, I ran stock pipes for over a year after I bought the bike. 

So what else? My wife has taken 2 of the 3 gun safety classes.  She brought her her targets home from her 2nd class and she shot the hell out them. I mean, she was shooting tight groups of like 2 inches as she was finished. With a Model 65 S&W with iron sights no less.  She nailed it!  He third class is next week and she will shoot the same revolver again. She has to buy a belt, how funny is that, to do shooting from the holster draw. 100 rounds next week, up from 50.  I hope she has fun. Maybe her and I will do some shooting this weekend.  I need to buy a 22 pistol to plink with.

I will post later on some other things on my mind, one of them being the Tucson shooting.