Monday, February 28, 2011

National Reciprocity in the news AGAIN!

National Recipricity Bill

So here we go again. Heath Shuler a Democrat from North Carolina and Cliff Stearns a Republican from Florida have introduced a bill, HR 822.  A truly bipartisan bill that will give people who are licensed in their home state to carry a weapon in another state. Seems pretty simple.  Many of the people I talk to who are not remotely knowledgeable on gun laws assume that if you have a State license that it is like a drivers license. (Except that one is a right and one is a privilege) So they get confused about State laws and differences between them.
So I ask perfect strangers a simple question, "Do you think because I drive into NJ on occasion that I should be a felon there while being a perfectly law abiding citizen in 37 other states?" The answer is an overwhelming, "of course not!"  But they are wrong.

I pray that in my lifetime this law passes and become the law of the land.
NY, NJ and Maryland don't care that I stay out of the their states and attempt to spend no money because of the obvious stupidity that these laws they cay on the books. So California, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Hawaii and he 3 listed previously(NY, MD and NJ)can rest assured that my only protest is to not try to spend money in or with anyone if it benefits their state. 37 other states I can legally carry in and I will help them out with my vacations and travel to assist them with their open mindedness and forward thinking laws. Below Yellow and Black are bad for me, Red and Blue are best! H/T to "The Truth About Guns."

Sunday Ride to Glenolden

I had a normal weekend day for us here. Drive to a sporting goods store and buy #4 son his baseball pants, a new bat, a new glove and a water bottle.(He was most excited about the water bottle)After coming back home BROKE I got a call from #1 that he needed to borrow my drill to install a new flag mounting bracket on the front of his home. So, I leather ed up, moved the salt applier, moved the broken snowblower, moved some other things that have piled up and rolled out the clean and shiny motorcycle!!  I unplugged her from the battery tender and rolled her back into the driveway. Flip on the power and she started right up.  GOD I love electronic fuel Injection.
And yes, I wore the 3/4 helmet that I own, as nasty stuff was everywhere on the road. Potholes galore, piles of cinders and unmelted salt. But it was riding.  Getting to my sons house is cross county, so no highways.  Lots of traffic and lots of traffic lights.  But it felt great.  Even riding back in the dark made me feel great! It was much colder on the way home in the dark, which is normal this time of year.  I could have used my chaps for the ride home to break the wind a bit. But I made it.
I needed it bad, and I got some!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Former MADD chapter president arrested for DUI

The pretty lady in the artcile attached is Debra Oberlin of Florida.
I hate MADD, and I always have.  Now you might say I shouldn't hate, but I truly do. They are single handedly responsible for the CheckPoints that many of us have had to suffer through. They used all the old idioms of passing laws, but most importantly, "Do It For The Children!"

The 4th amendment clearly states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated..."

 More info
One of the most ubiquitous forms of suspicionless checkpoints is the sobriety checkpoint. Many folks are under the false impression that sobriety checkpoints are legal throughout the country based upon Michigan Dept. of State Police V. Sitz. While the Supreme Court did in fact carve out a 4th Amendment exception for sobriety checkpoints in this case, legal analysis doesn't stop there. Before a sobriety checkpoint can be considered 'legal', it must not only pass constitutional muster at the federal level, it must do so at the state level as well while abiding by all applicable statutory requirements. What this means is that 11 states currently prohibit sobriety checkpoints within their boundaries. In the remaining 39 States, one or more of the following conditions exist:
  • Roadblocks are explicitly authorized by statutory law
  • Courts have upheld them despite the lack of specific statutory authorization
  • Courts have failed to strike down or review checkpoints conducted unilaterally by local police
What's especially ironic about this scenario is that even though it was a Michigan case that gave rise to the 4th amendment loophole to begin with, Michigan is still one of the 11 State's that explicitly prohibit sobriety checkpoints within its boundaries. After SCOTUS ruled in favor of Michigan's State police regarding their roadblock program, the case was remanded back to the Michigan Supreme Court for further review. The Michigan Supreme Court felt so strongly about the issue, they ruled that regardless of the federal Supreme Court's ruling, the State Constitution still made such roadblock programs illegal within Michigan's boundaries.
In Arizona, there's no state law explicitly addressing the issue of sobriety checkpoints. There are state statutes however that explicitly define when a peace officer may stop an individual. These statutes make it perfectly clear that a peace officer must have reasonable suspicion in order to initiate a stop. Further, the state constitution explicitly recognizes an individual's right to privacy that can only be pre-empted by an explicit act of the legislature. Nonetheless, AZ courts have upheld the legality of sobriety checkpoints mainly based upon SCOTUS's ruling in Michigan V. Sitz. Additionally, AZ courts have relied upon the 'compelling government interest' doctrine, a doctrine commonly used by courts across the country as a basis for justifying otherwise unlawful government behavior prejudicial to individual rights.
One of the purposes of this website is to shine a spotlight on legal issues surrounding sobriety checkpoints in general and expose common misperceptions used as justification to continue existing sobriety checkpoint operations.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pennsylvania: Castle Doctrine Legislation Scheduled to be Heard March 1

NRA notice

Please start calling your PA senate.


Greenleaf, Stewart J. , Chair
White, Mary Jo, Vice Chair
Leach, Daylin , Minority Chair
Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio
Alloway, Richard L., II
Earll, Jane M.
Gordner, John R.
Orie, Jane Clare
Piccola, Jeffrey E.
Rafferty, John C., Jr.
Boscola, Lisa M.
Farnese, Jr., Lawrence M.
Hughes, Vincent J.
Stack, Michael J.

American Idol top 24

 OK, my below quoted info says it all for my family, our votes were unanimous for Jacee. The judges used his age against him, figuring he could come back next year.  I scream age discrimination.
I think the Red Head won't hold up. He is to gay and to Jewish for America. When Clay Aiken made it, no one knew he was gay. But I think it sunk Adam Lambert, who was much better than Chris Whathisname? 
But as to the other 23 folks picked they were fanfriggintastic!  I loved them all.  This is the most talented group in all the past years.  Watch and enjoy!!  Jennifer is hot and Steven is cool!!
I hope Jacee comes back next year and wins it all!  He is a class act!!  

And now, for the last three boys: Bret Lowenstern, Jacee Badeaux and Colton Dixon. Jacee, who we have shed tears for, makes the poor decision to sing Michael Jackson's "Gone Too Soon" as his final performance. Somehow it makes him sound even younger, and we feel like this is likely the end of his run. Bret sings a song of his own composing about having confidence... and stuff. (Sample lyric: I've got my bulletproof vest and I'm no longer scared.") He sounds pretty good, but we prefer our contestants to sing well-known covers, the better to judge them with, my dears. Colton opts for Paramore's "Decode," and it's not bad at all. But, you know, we haven't seen a whole lot of Colton and we've seen a whole lot of Bret...  So, obviously, Bret is passed through to the Top 24. Randy tells both Colton and Jacee to "please" audition again next year. Jacee then gets crushed in J.Lo's long embrace. "Listen, I told you you have magic in your voice, and I believe that," she tells him.

Wyoming is my new hero!!

From the NRA
Constitutional Carry is on the rise!
 Similar bills are under consideration in other states across the country including Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Utah.
I am hoping this travels eastward.  People who currently have Utah, Florida and a PA license would still have the broadest National carry permission of now 41 States.
Alaska, Vermont and Arizona started this all off and it is continuing. How about Vermont being in that group? A Northeast State that borders some of the strictest in the nation. (NY and Mass)
It is my sincere hope to have the ability in my lifetime to legally carry in all 50 states and US holdings. That is the 2nd Amendment as I read it.

Updating!!!!   South Carolina: Panel approves permit less carry legislation.      Wow, just wow!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wheres Waldo??

I had the great opportunity to go to Reston, VA to get some training on some of the technology tools I use everyday in my job. So I took full advantage. Some of the new technology really is amazing. I mean these newer programs have a great artificial intelligence built in.  Now I can't say what it will be used for, but people will really want this.
The sad part of having to travel on business is that I truly miss my family.  I called my wife last night, and I spoke to all of my sons. I then texted with the wife and kids during American Idol so we could all enjoy the new season together like we always do! I will write up an American Idol report after tonight's show.  They are working down from 40 to 24. 12 men and 12 woman. (Well maybe 6 girls, and 6 woman and 6 boys and 6 men.) Some of the best are so young. I enjoyed last nights show, but I missed being there with the family!
It sure looked to me that J Lo is really struggling with letting these people go.  But I have to say out loud this is the most talented I have ever heard!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday morning ease

Good Morning. 
I slept until almost 10 AM.  I feel great!  After catching up on all my DVRd TV viewing last night, I finally passed out about 1:00 AM. But I slept straight through and comfortable until 10.  God, that feels good.
So I am now caught up on Bones, Justified and Fringe. No big posting about any of them individually, but if you are not watching Justified on FX, you are missing some great acting and television programming!  Watch it and try to keep up.  If you have questions on the back story ask me here and I will fill you in. 
I watch Bones because I feel like I know the charactors, and I am pretty good at guessing scenerios.  I always know who the killers are before the half way point and I only am watching now to see Bones and Booth hook up.  OK, Call me shallow! 
Fringe I watch because I have always been a closet SciFi nut.  I watched X Files, Outer Limits, and every other SciFi show you could think of. I guess it serves my "anything is possible" nature.
My wife is heading out to have a long overdue lunch with a girlfriend of hers and I have nothing planned except cleaning the powder room. (Big plans) I guess I will catch up on some clothes washing and chill a bit.  (and yes I sort by color and dirt level)
Not having anything on the agenda is a charm, really! 

Now all that being said, I can not wait for Spring to really show, so I can get out there and ride the bike somewhere west of here.  It is in my head everyday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I was going to keep my mouth shut........

but those of you who know me understand how difficult that is for me.  Soooooooooooo.....

I have been reading many other blogs that concern an individual in Michigan openly carrying a shotgun into a public library. Now before you all gasp, it is perfectly legal in Michigan and here in PA also. Now there are many self defense reasons and many conflicting state laws concerning guns that I will never completely understand, and the Michigan young man is making use of every one of them.
Now, my opinion.  It is my opinion that these people who openly make idiots of themselves damage the honest respectability of hard working gun rights folks. I have spent more time talking about this instance of questionable judgment this week than any other gun issue on the table. (And we have plenty)
So how do I stop these people with the questionable judgment from making me have to defend them?  I abandon them.  I call them lost causes.  I stress over their thinking and I question their motives.
Now for some real life scenarios.

  1. I am sitting reading in my public library, which I do on occasion. I see a man walk in the library with a shotgun, I immediately go on high alert.  My eyes never leave site of him no matter where he is.  My relaxing visit to the library is ruined even though nothing has happened.
  2. I am sitting reading in the library and a man comes in and I see nothing. I pay him little attention and enjoy my relaxing time!
See the difference?  Most people are like me you Michigan Open Carry people!!!!    Now in my case of scenario number 1, I would be attaining a holster ready position while I follow you AND YOUR SHOTGUN AROUND THE BUILDING.  I would be sitting at the ready to take you out. Sad huh?

The chance of anyone from the Michigan group reading and understanding my position are slim, but I had to put my thoughts down in writing.  I wish for them to use some common sense from now, and I hope they do not impose on my ability to move good positive gun legislation through my state!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I rode the Motorcycle to work today!

This was my first ride of 2011.  The roads are not quite ready for wild leaning and peg grinding but it was a nice ride day! The first day it hit 50, then 60 and now I hear, 70. I did some mud sliding and some gravel rolling but other than that it was uneventful!  I took my standard way to work and noticed all the same pot holes I Have been avoiding with the truck.
Nice day, I need some more!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

United States Coast Guard announcement

I am so proud

As for aggressive defense, a state of the art massive 57 mm gun fires fully programmable rounds, meaning no need to change types of ammo depending on what needs (armor piercing, surface to air, etc) are required. The Coast Guard likes to say..."Any Mission, Anytime, Anywhere"...and this new Legend-class of National Security Cutters is designed to do just that.
 Stern launch of small boat while underway.  Totally cool.

American Idol Group Night Part 1.

Some crazy start to Group night tonight! People had themselves all et for group night at the show threw them a curve ball and made the day 1 people have to have some day 2 people in the group.  So far there is tons of practice time wasted. The cameras are flying around with tons of splicing and making my belly hurt. Just so you know I am live blogging this...t is now 8:22 and we have not seen one performance.  Lots of whiny back stories.  I am bored.  I want to see some people singing.  I don't care that they stay up all night, I don't care that they are tired.  Just stop the commercials and get to the performances.  The clips of Tyler, Lopez and Randy saying how great the singing groups will be is pissing me off.  Just get to it!!
8:41..  First performance.  3 pretty girls do a knock out job!!   Very good.   The 3 judges picked them to go straight through to Hollywood!!  WOW!!
8:44 still not seeing the 2nd group, they are dragging it..8:46 next one is pretty good and all go through also!!
Here they go, now we are rolling.  Some great shows here.  This might be the best gathering of singers I have ever seen. I truly think, and realize I have seen every year, there are so many talented people in the world.  I hope all these kids make it in some way.
9:00 4 girls bring Steven Tyler up on stage and sing to him, and he joins in a bit and is in perfect pitch. If you have read my past Idol post you might think I like Tyler, you are damn right.  He has made this show better and adds legitimacy with his ability.
So the moms of the younger kids were stupid and I didn't want to see them, or see them again!
I am not enjoying this as much as I would have liked. To many commercials.  They could have done this in 90 minutes, but they squeezed in tons of extra commercials!

Washing the Motorcycle tonight

I am so happy, and lucky to own a detached garage that is huge.  It is completely hooked up with fluorescent lighting and a huge floor drain. So tonight, when I get done work, I will be washing my filthy salt laden motorcycle its much needed bath in the garage.  The shift lever is fixed, the new horns are mounted and waiting to be BLASTED and after a little soap and water, will be ready to roll in these next couple days of wonderful weather.
I am stoked.(I don't say that often)

My garage also has a wood burning stove roof pipe in it, although I have never purchased a wood burner for the floor. IF I ever find one for the right price I will add it.  I am pretty sure I can keep all the gas vapors and oil far enough away from it.  It will also allow me to burn the many branched and tree limbs that drop like crazy over the winter like we had.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ung is Acquited!! Praise the Lord!!

Acquital is what I was hoping for.  I studied the video and performed screen captures on it.  I looked at it well over 100 times and my head kept coming up with Self Defense. 
I am extremely happy that the jury saw it the same way I did.

This has all the makings of a TV movie of the week. The victims family had political ties, he was a silver spooned burb boy who played lacrosse.  He and his fellow team mates terrorized a smaller Asian looking man and his girlfriend. Mr. Ung did all he could, he walked away, he backed up, and he kicked at his assailant.  Feeling threatened for his and his girlfriends life, he pulled his weapon to hopefully have the assailants back off. DiDonato came forward into a fully loaded weapon!!  Not the brightest bulb in the pack.  Eddie Eagle says run away when you see a gun and find an adult. He must have missed that class.

Mr.Ung still has some legal ways to go, he has to pay for his defense. He has to prepare for a civil suit that might be coming, and he has to live with his decision.

This case should never have gone to court!  The Philly DA wasted taxpayer dollars.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The weather is turning!!

Here in SEPA we are going to be seeing temps in the high 50's and low 60s this week.  Kind of a faux spring for a couple days.  My bike (FLHT) is all back together and once cleaned real good, will be ready for the road. Now there will be a few things to look for with riding this time of year after the winter we have had and I wouldn't be a good Safety Officer if I didn't mention them.
  1. Cinders on the road from plow truck droppings.  They tend to pile up in corners and should be avoided while counter steering in a curve.  How you ask?  Keep your speed really down, now is not yet the time to burn into a turn, scraping the floorboards and accelerating at warp 3.
  2.  Potholes are everywhere. Big tire swallowing SOB's with all the trimmings too.  They will flatten a tire, yank the handlebars out of your hand and drop you to the ground faster than you can say, oh shit!.
  3. There is still melting piles of snow that can have some black ice possibilities for you in shady areas. Don't be in your summer riding head yet, it will come.
  4. Where the right gear. Leather up.  This is when I wear a helmet.  I look like a giant penis, but its the warmest hat I have and see first 3 issues above.
Get ready and go take a ride.  If you have to take a personal day, flex day, sick day or vacation day, do it.  You need it, you deserve it and May 30ths holiday is far from now!!

We need to BAN taxis

We need to ban taxis

I am on the record as mentioning many times that automobile deaths and injuries are skyrocketing. I am also known to drag the gun ownership group into this battle.
In the story linked above 26 people were hurt, one lady lost her leg.  Not one person is calling for an end to Taxis?  When a crazed gunman in Tuscon shot people and killed 3, the world wanted gun control. Why is that?

In my opinion, with no factual backup other than lifes experience, is that in most cases the Majority of people are ignorant of the fact regarding the incident of the devices.  Almost everyone drives a car, so they wouldn't impact themselves. Not everyone owns a gun, or has to wear a motorcycle helmet so they easily agree with "no guns", gun restrictions or mandatory helmet laws.

On the gun side I use vehicle deaths as an example.  Buy a truck, kill a bunch of people in a parking lot, and no one demands that no trucks are sold.
On the motorcycle side, I mention that I believe helmet use in a car would seriously reduce deaths and injuries from crashes. I mean Nascar guys wear them, right, and they are professionals. 
So in both arguments I get the people who say, "that's different." I always ask them to explain and make them stutter.
Freedom is an individual choice.  Mine in mine if it does not impose on you. 
I carry a gun, and I occasionally don't wear a helmet.  My freedom, my choice.

You don't carry a gun, and you choose to wear a helmet, I'm OK with that! 

WHAT?!!?!?!??!?!!?!? These need to stop

SEA ISLE CITY, N.J. (AP) — The parents of a Pennsylvania woman who died shortly after attending a "Polar Bear Plunge" charity event in southern New Jersey two years ago have sued the city where it was held and the group that organized it.

A wild law suit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good morning!

I have been doing some light traveling, all driving and no time for blogging. I started a new job with the headquarters part of my company. It will ave me doing much more traveling!

I promise to catch up on the weekend!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why is it?? Snow day

Why is it when the news reporters who cover the snow storms say, "Don't go out unless you have to," are they always at work? Are they making assumptions that my job is less important than theirs? I mean really, they have 6 to 8 people out driving around in huge vans parked all over the place telling us to not go out. It's enough to make you crazy. They always get the guys plowing (why is it always "guy" plow drivers?)saying how bad it is.
Then they mention that the Wawa, Starbucks and or convenient store/diner, etc.,etc., is open. How did those people get there???  Ohhh, they all walked?

Am I the only one that thinks these weather people need to go back to school??

Saturday, February 5, 2011

God Bless Coffee

First off, why I linked this story.  I have been drinking coffee since I was 12 years old. In my blue collar upbringing, my 12th birthday meant that I could shoulder up to the pot and start having a cup of the home perked brew everyday. My dad started making an extra 12 to 15 ounces for me.  I always loved it. I would start with black coffee, which is how my dad drank it, and add a few teaspoons of sugar.  As I got older I lessened my reliance on the sugar and cut it down to less than a teaspoon. I also upgraded my cup to a nice 20 ounce cup. As I joined the Coast Guard coffee was always part of the day, every day.  There was always coffee ready, 24-7. There were times when I had a cup of coffee in my right hand and a cigarette in my left for hours at a time. Now that I have been working 33 years in the same industry, I have always been lucky that every job supplied free coffee.  I was never a coffee snob. So now I find out that coffee is really good for you?  I am ecstatic as hell.  I should live to see 100.  Oh, pay attention to the part about those folks who drink decaf coffee.  In all my years, I have had like 2 cups of decaf.(What is the point, right?)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Great read over at Sebastians at Snowflakesinhell

Please read and understand...

I just had a very close family member take the first 3 NRA approved training classes.  She got to shoot 150 rounds and I was very happy with her shooting skills and targeting ability.  What I didn't like to hear was some of the things her instructor was commenting on.  I think she trust my skills and knowledge, but when you are paying someone big money to learn something and that instructor is "certified" I can understand her concern at our differing answers.
There are many instructors out there giving false info to students. Read the link above and see what I mean.
None of his opinions have any place in his class.  I would truly prefer to be in a room full of armed people, then to have anyone leave one at home and truly need it.

I hope I keep my credibility with my close family member. Guys like this one need a talking to.

4 Million Strong, but 10 Million Short

I was reading some blogs this morning and I was linked into a Anti Gun blog where the woman who writes it seems to be complaining that some Gun Clubs insists that their members also are members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).
Now I am familiar with 2 gun clubs and one indoor gun shop/shooting club. So my comments are not scientific by any means, but of those 3 clubs, not one of them insists on NRA membership. They all strongly recommend it, they also have a NRA recruiter as a member, but they do not require membership. It would be tough to prove it every year IMHO. But I can easily see where that would be a benefit. To be clear and up front, I am a NRA member and strongly support their quest to be the guardians the 2nd amendment. So I would prefer it if every person who shoots regularly is a Life Member, but I would hope that more people who just own a weapon or 2 were members of the yearly renewal type. (25 bucks)
Currently the NRA is 4 million members strong. Although there are 4 million members, it is wildly known that over 10 million people THINK they are member so the NRA. Why? In my opinion, some people think that the 25 bucks is a life payment, and it wasn't clearly stated that it was an annual payment. Others mention they paid for 3 to 5 years and they didn't know it expired. There is no straight breakdown of the membership, but it consists of hunters, shooters and now a growing percentage of self protection carriers. You might be surprised to know that Pennsylvania is one of the highest membership per capita of the NRA.
My smarter readers know what a group of 4 million can do to impact a government, especially if you can honestly claim that "in self-identification surveys 10 million people describe themselves as NRA members." You can bet the oppisite side of this knows this number. Now add to that the power of the Internet and e-mail. The NRA can almost immediately and inexpensively contact these 4 million members, AND many of them have direct connection to the other 6 million. WOW!! Right?
So I like to fantasize and think what could WE as members do if we truly were at 14 Million members. Let me show it as this, 14,000,000. 14 million people could really move some mountains and have serious impact to our second amendment freedoms.

NRA membership 4,000,000. (I also think it is closer to 5 million.)
Brady membership 50,581.   

So I ask you to pay the 25 dollars a year and join the NRA.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nerf gun to school, 7 year old charged with crime, in NJ WTF?

Cops Charge 7-Year-Old for Bringing Toy Gun to Class

Only in NJ could this happen.  You have heard me before go off and have a blown neck vein about the "Zero Tolerance" policies that school boards have in place. This idiotic policy is a crazy attempt to not be held responsible for ANYTHING.  I am sure there is a lawyers answer to these types of policies, and I am sure it has to do with insurance policy prices and mandates for coverage. How do we allow this?  I mean, please read the story.  It was a 5 dollar NERF gun. Not even a 30 dollar NERF gun, a $5.00 one. I mean, really??

Does any parent who reads my blog truly believe that this is something that this child should have been handcuffed and taken away from his school for? Police charged the 7-year-old with possessing an imitation firearm in or on an education institution – a misdemeanor and a minor juvenile offense in New Jersey.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice storm day 2011

The morning started with the phone call from our school district advising us that the kiddies would be 2 hours late! So instead of 7:10 they would leave at 9:10.  While one son, #3, was in the shower the other son, #4, took another call from the school district and was told that electricity was down at their school so the school was closed for the day.  You could see the glee and joy in his eye, a day off.  He ran to tell his brother in the shower and I heard the scream of joy in the living room. So they will sit in all day and watch TV, eat and play video games. I wouldn't want them out in this ice, as big hunks are falling off the trees. I am very happy for them, I remember how much I looked forward to having an unplanned day off from school. I liked school so I didn't mind going, but the chance to sleep in and rest and watch out the window the winters worst was always a great pleasure. What I truly feel bad about is my wife had to go to work today! Adding to that she told me she forgot to put her car in the garage and had to scrape it off while dealing with the slippery driveway!

I am always grateful that my company allows me to work from home on these bad days. (As long as the Internet is working)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to get natural gas to my house.

What an interesting day I have had so far. One thing I wanted to do this week was contact PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company) and inquire how I can get them to bury gas lines in my neighborhood.  We don't have them here and I was thinking while oil was getting over 100 dollars a barrel, now would be a good time to inquire. So I call their customer service line and I sit through the many prompts listening closely for any clue of my quandary.
Not hearing any, and not having my account number handy, I try different options but never get a human being on the other end.  No problem, I will e mail them. So I e mail them after looking for that place for 7 minutes. AGAIN, only people with account #s can e mail, but 1111-1111 works after I try some other non numerical options.
So now I have an e mail into PECO asking about what has to happen for them to bring gas lines down the street and offer service to the many oil customers in the neighborhood. M y neighbor has propane, so easy for him. But since I need a new furnace anyway, I sure would like to get a 90% efficient, self venting Gas heater to keep my home warm moving forward.  I am more than tired of oil, oil companies and oil deliveries! I am also very tired of an electric stove.

I will continue to update you on my finding on the possibilities. I want to know how they can deny me service, or at least they could supply me a petition I could walk around the neighborhood to gather signatures. What do you think is a fair amount of people out of 70 in the community? I'm thinking 3/4s.  So if I can get 55 people, maybe I can go the way I want moving forward!  I hope my oil heater casing holds until I get an answer.