Friday, February 4, 2011

4 Million Strong, but 10 Million Short

I was reading some blogs this morning and I was linked into a Anti Gun blog where the woman who writes it seems to be complaining that some Gun Clubs insists that their members also are members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).
Now I am familiar with 2 gun clubs and one indoor gun shop/shooting club. So my comments are not scientific by any means, but of those 3 clubs, not one of them insists on NRA membership. They all strongly recommend it, they also have a NRA recruiter as a member, but they do not require membership. It would be tough to prove it every year IMHO. But I can easily see where that would be a benefit. To be clear and up front, I am a NRA member and strongly support their quest to be the guardians the 2nd amendment. So I would prefer it if every person who shoots regularly is a Life Member, but I would hope that more people who just own a weapon or 2 were members of the yearly renewal type. (25 bucks)
Currently the NRA is 4 million members strong. Although there are 4 million members, it is wildly known that over 10 million people THINK they are member so the NRA. Why? In my opinion, some people think that the 25 bucks is a life payment, and it wasn't clearly stated that it was an annual payment. Others mention they paid for 3 to 5 years and they didn't know it expired. There is no straight breakdown of the membership, but it consists of hunters, shooters and now a growing percentage of self protection carriers. You might be surprised to know that Pennsylvania is one of the highest membership per capita of the NRA.
My smarter readers know what a group of 4 million can do to impact a government, especially if you can honestly claim that "in self-identification surveys 10 million people describe themselves as NRA members." You can bet the oppisite side of this knows this number. Now add to that the power of the Internet and e-mail. The NRA can almost immediately and inexpensively contact these 4 million members, AND many of them have direct connection to the other 6 million. WOW!! Right?
So I like to fantasize and think what could WE as members do if we truly were at 14 Million members. Let me show it as this, 14,000,000. 14 million people could really move some mountains and have serious impact to our second amendment freedoms.

NRA membership 4,000,000. (I also think it is closer to 5 million.)
Brady membership 50,581.   

So I ask you to pay the 25 dollars a year and join the NRA.

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