Wednesday, February 16, 2011

American Idol Group Night Part 1.

Some crazy start to Group night tonight! People had themselves all et for group night at the show threw them a curve ball and made the day 1 people have to have some day 2 people in the group.  So far there is tons of practice time wasted. The cameras are flying around with tons of splicing and making my belly hurt. Just so you know I am live blogging this...t is now 8:22 and we have not seen one performance.  Lots of whiny back stories.  I am bored.  I want to see some people singing.  I don't care that they stay up all night, I don't care that they are tired.  Just stop the commercials and get to the performances.  The clips of Tyler, Lopez and Randy saying how great the singing groups will be is pissing me off.  Just get to it!!
8:41..  First performance.  3 pretty girls do a knock out job!!   Very good.   The 3 judges picked them to go straight through to Hollywood!!  WOW!!
8:44 still not seeing the 2nd group, they are dragging it..8:46 next one is pretty good and all go through also!!
Here they go, now we are rolling.  Some great shows here.  This might be the best gathering of singers I have ever seen. I truly think, and realize I have seen every year, there are so many talented people in the world.  I hope all these kids make it in some way.
9:00 4 girls bring Steven Tyler up on stage and sing to him, and he joins in a bit and is in perfect pitch. If you have read my past Idol post you might think I like Tyler, you are damn right.  He has made this show better and adds legitimacy with his ability.
So the moms of the younger kids were stupid and I didn't want to see them, or see them again!
I am not enjoying this as much as I would have liked. To many commercials.  They could have done this in 90 minutes, but they squeezed in tons of extra commercials!

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