Saturday, February 26, 2011

American Idol top 24

 OK, my below quoted info says it all for my family, our votes were unanimous for Jacee. The judges used his age against him, figuring he could come back next year.  I scream age discrimination.
I think the Red Head won't hold up. He is to gay and to Jewish for America. When Clay Aiken made it, no one knew he was gay. But I think it sunk Adam Lambert, who was much better than Chris Whathisname? 
But as to the other 23 folks picked they were fanfriggintastic!  I loved them all.  This is the most talented group in all the past years.  Watch and enjoy!!  Jennifer is hot and Steven is cool!!
I hope Jacee comes back next year and wins it all!  He is a class act!!  

And now, for the last three boys: Bret Lowenstern, Jacee Badeaux and Colton Dixon. Jacee, who we have shed tears for, makes the poor decision to sing Michael Jackson's "Gone Too Soon" as his final performance. Somehow it makes him sound even younger, and we feel like this is likely the end of his run. Bret sings a song of his own composing about having confidence... and stuff. (Sample lyric: I've got my bulletproof vest and I'm no longer scared.") He sounds pretty good, but we prefer our contestants to sing well-known covers, the better to judge them with, my dears. Colton opts for Paramore's "Decode," and it's not bad at all. But, you know, we haven't seen a whole lot of Colton and we've seen a whole lot of Bret...  So, obviously, Bret is passed through to the Top 24. Randy tells both Colton and Jacee to "please" audition again next year. Jacee then gets crushed in J.Lo's long embrace. "Listen, I told you you have magic in your voice, and I believe that," she tells him.

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