Saturday, February 5, 2011

God Bless Coffee

First off, why I linked this story.  I have been drinking coffee since I was 12 years old. In my blue collar upbringing, my 12th birthday meant that I could shoulder up to the pot and start having a cup of the home perked brew everyday. My dad started making an extra 12 to 15 ounces for me.  I always loved it. I would start with black coffee, which is how my dad drank it, and add a few teaspoons of sugar.  As I got older I lessened my reliance on the sugar and cut it down to less than a teaspoon. I also upgraded my cup to a nice 20 ounce cup. As I joined the Coast Guard coffee was always part of the day, every day.  There was always coffee ready, 24-7. There were times when I had a cup of coffee in my right hand and a cigarette in my left for hours at a time. Now that I have been working 33 years in the same industry, I have always been lucky that every job supplied free coffee.  I was never a coffee snob. So now I find out that coffee is really good for you?  I am ecstatic as hell.  I should live to see 100.  Oh, pay attention to the part about those folks who drink decaf coffee.  In all my years, I have had like 2 cups of decaf.(What is the point, right?)


  1. Jave Jive JoeFebruary 05, 2011

    Indeed! There are only three kinds of coffee: good, better and best.

    I credit coffee and its load of antioxidants for my remarkable immunity to cold, flu and other communicable illnesses.

    Have a cup o' Joe on me!

  2. Morning Joe!!

    I am sitting here right now absorbing my second 20 ounce cup! I always wondered why I was rarely sick.