Friday, February 4, 2011

Great read over at Sebastians at Snowflakesinhell

Please read and understand...

I just had a very close family member take the first 3 NRA approved training classes.  She got to shoot 150 rounds and I was very happy with her shooting skills and targeting ability.  What I didn't like to hear was some of the things her instructor was commenting on.  I think she trust my skills and knowledge, but when you are paying someone big money to learn something and that instructor is "certified" I can understand her concern at our differing answers.
There are many instructors out there giving false info to students. Read the link above and see what I mean.
None of his opinions have any place in his class.  I would truly prefer to be in a room full of armed people, then to have anyone leave one at home and truly need it.

I hope I keep my credibility with my close family member. Guys like this one need a talking to.

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