Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to get natural gas to my house.

What an interesting day I have had so far. One thing I wanted to do this week was contact PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company) and inquire how I can get them to bury gas lines in my neighborhood.  We don't have them here and I was thinking while oil was getting over 100 dollars a barrel, now would be a good time to inquire. So I call their customer service line and I sit through the many prompts listening closely for any clue of my quandary.
Not hearing any, and not having my account number handy, I try different options but never get a human being on the other end.  No problem, I will e mail them. So I e mail them after looking for that place for 7 minutes. AGAIN, only people with account #s can e mail, but 1111-1111 works after I try some other non numerical options.
So now I have an e mail into PECO asking about what has to happen for them to bring gas lines down the street and offer service to the many oil customers in the neighborhood. M y neighbor has propane, so easy for him. But since I need a new furnace anyway, I sure would like to get a 90% efficient, self venting Gas heater to keep my home warm moving forward.  I am more than tired of oil, oil companies and oil deliveries! I am also very tired of an electric stove.

I will continue to update you on my finding on the possibilities. I want to know how they can deny me service, or at least they could supply me a petition I could walk around the neighborhood to gather signatures. What do you think is a fair amount of people out of 70 in the community? I'm thinking 3/4s.  So if I can get 55 people, maybe I can go the way I want moving forward!  I hope my oil heater casing holds until I get an answer.


  1. Hi! I know this post is nearly a year old but did you ever have any luck with PECO? We're thinking of starting a gas line petition or the like in our neighborhood and I'm hoping to get some insight on how to proceed.

  2. Never a problem. I contacted my State Rep,Tom Killion. He included me on a very nice long e mail string where I got to talk to high ups at the gas company here. PECO Energy is the supplier. So I went through all the info, explained all the folks on the street getting propane, and am now gathering signatures from the residents. Initially the gas company wanted confirmations of service acceptance. They wanted a signature confirming people would sign with them. I wouldn't do that! I am hoping to get more info from them as I finish gathering the many names and addresses with signatures. I will write more about it soon! Thanks for the inquiry!

  3. Thanks so much! I'm not too far from you as it turns out...we're in Montgomery County near Plymouth Meeting. I appreciate the information and hope to get started on the process here as well. I'll be sure to keep checking back!

  4. Hi. Im from central ohio and have run into similar probs with Columbia gas. My road is 1 mile long and columbia has a gas hub 1/4th a mile away from me. They too wanted me to convince all my neighbors to switch to them from their fuel oil or propane furnaces before they would consider running it on down the street. They did say that each new customer would get a line of 100 ft for free but any more than that would be billed at $3.00 a foot. first off, everyone switching their furnaces out at 1 time would be an impossibility to achieve due to affordability issue and secondly everyone lives over 100 feet apart so I'm down and leave it would be cost for gas line installation on each house. best of luck and I too will be checking back to see what progress gets made and if I find anything that works to convince the gas companies that all customers are important i will post again.


  5. Hi Danny,

    I found your blog while after the same thing you were/are. Any luck since your last update? I too am in a neighborhood of oil/propane and would like to get a petition going to get PECO to run the gas line into our neighborhood.


  6. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    Danny, I live in North Central Ohio and the same story for me. the gas line is a mile away and was quoted 80,000 to have the line run to me. when I call the gas company it is like talking to a brick. I need a new furnace as well and am looking at geothermal. if NG was coming soon, even in 2 or three years I would install LP furnace and convert it when NG was available. the problem is no commitment from Columbia gas. no indications from them either way.

  7. A lot of people are switching to gas from oil. The key is getting the gas line installation during the right season. You might have to wait, unfortunately, until after winter. I would definitely look into it though. Will save a lot of money.

  8. Danny, how have things progressed for you with the conversion from Oil to Gas? I am currently considering since Oil is way overpriced right now! I am about 300 Feet from a line. Do not foot the bill to tap into the main line and run it down my street. Was hoping that our neighbors would elect to convert as well to negotiate the line to run down free on our street. There are about 8 houses from the main line. I have 3 households that would consider making the switch. Not sure if PECO would want to run the line all the way down the street while they are already doing it. My street is about 1/2 mile long.

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