Saturday, February 19, 2011

I was going to keep my mouth shut........

but those of you who know me understand how difficult that is for me.  Soooooooooooo.....

I have been reading many other blogs that concern an individual in Michigan openly carrying a shotgun into a public library. Now before you all gasp, it is perfectly legal in Michigan and here in PA also. Now there are many self defense reasons and many conflicting state laws concerning guns that I will never completely understand, and the Michigan young man is making use of every one of them.
Now, my opinion.  It is my opinion that these people who openly make idiots of themselves damage the honest respectability of hard working gun rights folks. I have spent more time talking about this instance of questionable judgment this week than any other gun issue on the table. (And we have plenty)
So how do I stop these people with the questionable judgment from making me have to defend them?  I abandon them.  I call them lost causes.  I stress over their thinking and I question their motives.
Now for some real life scenarios.

  1. I am sitting reading in my public library, which I do on occasion. I see a man walk in the library with a shotgun, I immediately go on high alert.  My eyes never leave site of him no matter where he is.  My relaxing visit to the library is ruined even though nothing has happened.
  2. I am sitting reading in the library and a man comes in and I see nothing. I pay him little attention and enjoy my relaxing time!
See the difference?  Most people are like me you Michigan Open Carry people!!!!    Now in my case of scenario number 1, I would be attaining a holster ready position while I follow you AND YOUR SHOTGUN AROUND THE BUILDING.  I would be sitting at the ready to take you out. Sad huh?

The chance of anyone from the Michigan group reading and understanding my position are slim, but I had to put my thoughts down in writing.  I wish for them to use some common sense from now, and I hope they do not impose on my ability to move good positive gun legislation through my state!


  1. Philly Sucks but New York Sucks MoreFebruary 20, 2011

    Shotgun in the library? Unwise.

    Nice shiny wheelgun in a premium leather holster off a sturdy gun belt?

    Why not? It's high time the "Only Ones" are joined by John Q. Public.

  2. I guess I get a case of situational morality when I see this. As long as the guy/gal with the shiny wheel gun isn't wearing a 2 gun rig looking like Johnny Ringo. LOL

    But I'd be less worried.