Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice storm day 2011

The morning started with the phone call from our school district advising us that the kiddies would be 2 hours late! So instead of 7:10 they would leave at 9:10.  While one son, #3, was in the shower the other son, #4, took another call from the school district and was told that electricity was down at their school so the school was closed for the day.  You could see the glee and joy in his eye, a day off.  He ran to tell his brother in the shower and I heard the scream of joy in the living room. So they will sit in all day and watch TV, eat and play video games. I wouldn't want them out in this ice, as big hunks are falling off the trees. I am very happy for them, I remember how much I looked forward to having an unplanned day off from school. I liked school so I didn't mind going, but the chance to sleep in and rest and watch out the window the winters worst was always a great pleasure. What I truly feel bad about is my wife had to go to work today! Adding to that she told me she forgot to put her car in the garage and had to scrape it off while dealing with the slippery driveway!

I am always grateful that my company allows me to work from home on these bad days. (As long as the Internet is working)

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