Monday, February 28, 2011

National Reciprocity in the news AGAIN!

National Recipricity Bill

So here we go again. Heath Shuler a Democrat from North Carolina and Cliff Stearns a Republican from Florida have introduced a bill, HR 822.  A truly bipartisan bill that will give people who are licensed in their home state to carry a weapon in another state. Seems pretty simple.  Many of the people I talk to who are not remotely knowledgeable on gun laws assume that if you have a State license that it is like a drivers license. (Except that one is a right and one is a privilege) So they get confused about State laws and differences between them.
So I ask perfect strangers a simple question, "Do you think because I drive into NJ on occasion that I should be a felon there while being a perfectly law abiding citizen in 37 other states?" The answer is an overwhelming, "of course not!"  But they are wrong.

I pray that in my lifetime this law passes and become the law of the land.
NY, NJ and Maryland don't care that I stay out of the their states and attempt to spend no money because of the obvious stupidity that these laws they cay on the books. So California, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Hawaii and he 3 listed previously(NY, MD and NJ)can rest assured that my only protest is to not try to spend money in or with anyone if it benefits their state. 37 other states I can legally carry in and I will help them out with my vacations and travel to assist them with their open mindedness and forward thinking laws. Below Yellow and Black are bad for me, Red and Blue are best! H/T to "The Truth About Guns."

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