Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday morning ease

Good Morning. 
I slept until almost 10 AM.  I feel great!  After catching up on all my DVRd TV viewing last night, I finally passed out about 1:00 AM. But I slept straight through and comfortable until 10.  God, that feels good.
So I am now caught up on Bones, Justified and Fringe. No big posting about any of them individually, but if you are not watching Justified on FX, you are missing some great acting and television programming!  Watch it and try to keep up.  If you have questions on the back story ask me here and I will fill you in. 
I watch Bones because I feel like I know the charactors, and I am pretty good at guessing scenerios.  I always know who the killers are before the half way point and I only am watching now to see Bones and Booth hook up.  OK, Call me shallow! 
Fringe I watch because I have always been a closet SciFi nut.  I watched X Files, Outer Limits, and every other SciFi show you could think of. I guess it serves my "anything is possible" nature.
My wife is heading out to have a long overdue lunch with a girlfriend of hers and I have nothing planned except cleaning the powder room. (Big plans) I guess I will catch up on some clothes washing and chill a bit.  (and yes I sort by color and dirt level)
Not having anything on the agenda is a charm, really! 

Now all that being said, I can not wait for Spring to really show, so I can get out there and ride the bike somewhere west of here.  It is in my head everyday!

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