Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Ride to Glenolden

I had a normal weekend day for us here. Drive to a sporting goods store and buy #4 son his baseball pants, a new bat, a new glove and a water bottle.(He was most excited about the water bottle)After coming back home BROKE I got a call from #1 that he needed to borrow my drill to install a new flag mounting bracket on the front of his home. So, I leather ed up, moved the salt applier, moved the broken snowblower, moved some other things that have piled up and rolled out the clean and shiny motorcycle!!  I unplugged her from the battery tender and rolled her back into the driveway. Flip on the power and she started right up.  GOD I love electronic fuel Injection.
And yes, I wore the 3/4 helmet that I own, as nasty stuff was everywhere on the road. Potholes galore, piles of cinders and unmelted salt. But it was riding.  Getting to my sons house is cross county, so no highways.  Lots of traffic and lots of traffic lights.  But it felt great.  Even riding back in the dark made me feel great! It was much colder on the way home in the dark, which is normal this time of year.  I could have used my chaps for the ride home to break the wind a bit. But I made it.
I needed it bad, and I got some!!

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