Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Washing the Motorcycle tonight

I am so happy, and lucky to own a detached garage that is huge.  It is completely hooked up with fluorescent lighting and a huge floor drain. So tonight, when I get done work, I will be washing my filthy salt laden motorcycle its much needed bath in the garage.  The shift lever is fixed, the new horns are mounted and waiting to be BLASTED and after a little soap and water, will be ready to roll in these next couple days of wonderful weather.
I am stoked.(I don't say that often)

My garage also has a wood burning stove roof pipe in it, although I have never purchased a wood burner for the floor. IF I ever find one for the right price I will add it.  I am pretty sure I can keep all the gas vapors and oil far enough away from it.  It will also allow me to burn the many branched and tree limbs that drop like crazy over the winter like we had.

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