Sunday, February 13, 2011

We need to BAN taxis

We need to ban taxis

I am on the record as mentioning many times that automobile deaths and injuries are skyrocketing. I am also known to drag the gun ownership group into this battle.
In the story linked above 26 people were hurt, one lady lost her leg.  Not one person is calling for an end to Taxis?  When a crazed gunman in Tuscon shot people and killed 3, the world wanted gun control. Why is that?

In my opinion, with no factual backup other than lifes experience, is that in most cases the Majority of people are ignorant of the fact regarding the incident of the devices.  Almost everyone drives a car, so they wouldn't impact themselves. Not everyone owns a gun, or has to wear a motorcycle helmet so they easily agree with "no guns", gun restrictions or mandatory helmet laws.

On the gun side I use vehicle deaths as an example.  Buy a truck, kill a bunch of people in a parking lot, and no one demands that no trucks are sold.
On the motorcycle side, I mention that I believe helmet use in a car would seriously reduce deaths and injuries from crashes. I mean Nascar guys wear them, right, and they are professionals. 
So in both arguments I get the people who say, "that's different." I always ask them to explain and make them stutter.
Freedom is an individual choice.  Mine in mine if it does not impose on you. 
I carry a gun, and I occasionally don't wear a helmet.  My freedom, my choice.

You don't carry a gun, and you choose to wear a helmet, I'm OK with that! 

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