Sunday, February 13, 2011

The weather is turning!!

Here in SEPA we are going to be seeing temps in the high 50's and low 60s this week.  Kind of a faux spring for a couple days.  My bike (FLHT) is all back together and once cleaned real good, will be ready for the road. Now there will be a few things to look for with riding this time of year after the winter we have had and I wouldn't be a good Safety Officer if I didn't mention them.
  1. Cinders on the road from plow truck droppings.  They tend to pile up in corners and should be avoided while counter steering in a curve.  How you ask?  Keep your speed really down, now is not yet the time to burn into a turn, scraping the floorboards and accelerating at warp 3.
  2.  Potholes are everywhere. Big tire swallowing SOB's with all the trimmings too.  They will flatten a tire, yank the handlebars out of your hand and drop you to the ground faster than you can say, oh shit!.
  3. There is still melting piles of snow that can have some black ice possibilities for you in shady areas. Don't be in your summer riding head yet, it will come.
  4. Where the right gear. Leather up.  This is when I wear a helmet.  I look like a giant penis, but its the warmest hat I have and see first 3 issues above.
Get ready and go take a ride.  If you have to take a personal day, flex day, sick day or vacation day, do it.  You need it, you deserve it and May 30ths holiday is far from now!!

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