Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wheres Waldo??

I had the great opportunity to go to Reston, VA to get some training on some of the technology tools I use everyday in my job. So I took full advantage. Some of the new technology really is amazing. I mean these newer programs have a great artificial intelligence built in.  Now I can't say what it will be used for, but people will really want this.
The sad part of having to travel on business is that I truly miss my family.  I called my wife last night, and I spoke to all of my sons. I then texted with the wife and kids during American Idol so we could all enjoy the new season together like we always do! I will write up an American Idol report after tonight's show.  They are working down from 40 to 24. 12 men and 12 woman. (Well maybe 6 girls, and 6 woman and 6 boys and 6 men.) Some of the best are so young. I enjoyed last nights show, but I missed being there with the family!
It sure looked to me that J Lo is really struggling with letting these people go.  But I have to say out loud this is the most talented I have ever heard!

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