Friday, March 25, 2011

American Idol Top 11 got on Tour!!

Boy I definitely bounce around on topics don't I? One day it's guns, guns, guns.  Then its motorcycles, then baseball....  I am so sorry, I have so many interests.
Well, let's get into the music part of my life.

Last night, if you didn't see it, was one of the best American Idol voting shows EVER.  I kid you not.

Opening is a little Motown number that the top 11 sing, since it's Motown week.  Then out of the stage comes Stevie Wonder.  Sitting behind his keyboard and singing with the Idols.  Great song and excitement. THEN....  Stevie Wonder asks for Steven Tyler, the judge, to come up and everyone starts singing Happy Birthday to him. There is a cake, lit candles and a beautiful picture of Steven that looked like a Peter Max painting.  WOW, Steven and Stevie Wonder are friends, how cool?  Cut to commercial.
Dim the lights, we have the first to folks to choose, and they show that Paul and Steve like WWE Wrestling, and they watch it and wrestle around the house. Ryan announces that both of them are not safe, and out come HULK Hogan in his classic thunder arms pose.  He looks great, and he tells them both they are safe and they are both going on tour.  Then Hulk hits Ryan and send him flying..LOL(Gag)
Hulk rips off his short and says HE is the American Idol.  He looks good at his age, really.
Back to commercial.
 Back on Sugarland performs Sticks like Glue, the big hit. The Nettles girl cut her hair and looks OLD, she was so hot in the Bon Jovi video..  Anyway, another commercial and more voting.
Jennifer Hudson then performs, are you feeling all this talent? Grammy, Oscar and now thin and HOT looking, Jennifer Hudson.  I didn't like the song, but she sang it great and looked better. She is a star!!
Bottom 3?
Asian Girl
Mexican Dude and in a shocker
Irish red beard.  (I have names for all of them.)

Asian girl gets saved, and the vote says Irish Red Beard is OUT..  He has to sing for the save..
He starts to sing his song, and RANDY immediately tells him to stop. I mean he got out like 12 bars? WTF??  WHAT?  They are going to use the SAVE..  ALREADY..   Do you believe?  The judges say the people got it wrong. Well, Irish Red Beard almost collapses on stage, he can't breath, he looks pail and he is honestly touched that they saved him.

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