Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chester County Friends of NRA Dinner!

Last evening my wife and I attended, for the first time, a NRA-ILA dinner. It was in Kennet Square, PA and we got there a bit late. We met another couple there and they were early and saved us a couple seats. It is a serious charity fund raiser to support Youth shooting and I was in a charitable mood. Live auction items, silent auction items and various rip ticket fund raising methods were used to part me from my wallet and credit card.  I didn't WIN any prizes, but we sure tried to. I loved the Colt 45 that they had for sale, it was named gun of the year, and my first 20 bucks went to try to win that. Then I bought another 20 of rip tickets and my wife and I dropped them in the appropriate buckets to try to win something.Nope, natta, zilch!!

But the silent auction caught my eye with some things I saw. There was a Buck knife there that caught my interest. I had given my good knife to son #2 when he advised me he lost his, and since he lives in Philly, I wanted him to have one. So I was in the market for a new one. This one fit the bill nicely. Bid 85 bucks and sit back down, but wait, there is a nice little single gun travel case, let me throw 40 bucks on it. The wife and I were sitting close to the silent auction table and when either of us stood up we checked the list. Darn if somebody raised me up 5 dollars for that knife.  So I go add 10, now in for 100 dollars. But the case is now listed at 45, I'll add 5 more and make it 50. Someone will out bid that.  Nope, Natta, zilch. I am the proud owner of a new knife and single gun case for 150 bucks.  More on this later.

My wife and I were hungry and food was serving, they had nice fresh rolls to start, then a pretty nice salad. I, of course, ate all the things my wife doesn't like from her plate.  Next was the buffet line, and our table got called early. So we had some good selections and I love a buffet. Meatballs, chicken, veggie mix, potatoes and rigatoni mix. But add to that a carving station with some roast beef cut in huge slices. (With horseradish for me) I had quite a plateful!  While chowing down we got to hear some people who won some items and listened to varied speeches. The food was OK, veggies were mushy but the roast beef was tender! So I would score the food a "C+".  Of course desert was cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream. All good, but I only sampled the lemon cheese cake. Desert gets an "A".

The live auction begins and they bring in a very good auctioneer, the real deal.  I had my eye on a couple items and if the price was right I would bid in. BUT, it wasn't happening, the bidding went really high.  I later come to find out some of these once a year offerings have some serious collecting value. Now I understood why some of it went for so much! But it was getting late and we decided to leave before every live auction item was sold, it was obvious to us that we were not going to spend 300 to 500 dollars for a deer painting. So off we went to home.

Now back at home I have to check my purchases and see what they normally sell for. I guess I needed to confirm my purchases, and I don't know why I needed to do this, but right to Amazon to look at my choices.
The knife I buy, and pay 106.00 for(sales tax)?  Sells new for, best I could find $155.00, the Single Gun case I got for 53.00(3 bucks in sales tax)sells for, best price new was 71 bucks. Ding, ding, ding!  A WINNER!!
So I got a couple things I wanted (versus needed)and saved abut 70 dollars while doing it. The single gun case I can use for traveling. I needed something to pack and lock my pistol in for packing at the airport. This little thing is small and cushiony, should protect and lock my pistol in very nicely in my checked luggage.
With my Utah and Florida licenses, added to my PA LTCF, I can jet around many more states and feel good that I can protect myself when there. My new job will have me traveling a bit more, soit seems like good timing!

Anyway, I hope you liked my review,  I strongly recommend that you all attend one of these in your area, you will enjoy it and get to see how truly normal gun owners and NRA member are. To find a Friend of NRA dinner in your area see the link below!

Friends of NRA

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