Friday, March 4, 2011

Editorial Control on Gun Grabbers site? Mikeb302000

Updated on Sat. Morning.  Mikeb302000 has posted both of my comments. So I now stand corrected.
Mikeb302000 edits fair remarks. I had heard he was one that could be leveled with, but I found out differently!  He is against freedom, he is a NANNY state supporter and he needs to be ignored!

Dannytheman said...
So let me jump in with a couple thoughts and questions. If I happen to have a home state license, and a Utah license, along with a Florida license, I can legally carry in over 2/3rds of the "United" states. So I get run through finger prints, pictures and background checks from 3 separate locations. I took the Utah class, passed the Florida test by being a fully trained military Veteran, honorably discharged. So all that being said, and all that being done, do I understand that you still agree with the few states left that will ban me from carrying my self protection weapon? If I go accidentally to NY, I would be a Felon? NJ, Mass, CT... Same. You agree with that? Really? So in the "United" States you are saying that a now recognized right is somehow changed because of lines on a map. That, even though I have over 30 years of lawful compliance, you would be ok with me being charged a felony if I were to accidentally be caught carrying across a non approved state line? Lets discuss the hypocrisy of this, please.
March 3, 2011 4:34 PM
Blogger mikeb302000 said...
Dannytheman, Thanks for coming by and for leaving a comment. As a responsible gun owner with all your experience, would you mind telling us how this could ever happen. "If I go accidentally to NY." Don't you choose where you go? Aren't you in total control of your movements? Do you believe in "accidental" discharges of the gun too? Even the pro-gun guys around here agree there's no such thing, it's "negligence." I'd say that goes even more for crossing state lines. You're problem is twofold, I'm guessing here. You hate being told what you can and cannot do with your guns and you hate to be inconvienced. I oppose all the new laws which make concealed carry easier. I think the strictest standards of "may issue" should be inforced combined with increased mental health screening. Violent misdemeanors should be a disqualifier, and no reciprocity. My way, you'd have a safer country. You'd screen out many people who are not responsible enough to handle guns but who are not criminal enough to go all the way and break gun laws outright.
March 4, 2011 9:39 AM
I replied politely to Mike, and suggested that many people accidentally take a wrong exit or on-off ramp and end up in another State.  I pointed out NJ bridges as an example and asked how you were supposed to turn around on a bridge? I also showed him my routine as I was traversing via Motorcycle to Reston, VA. I did a pull off, unholster, unload and separate the magazine and ammo from the weapon. Placing them in opposite saddlebags. Then after driving through MD and DC along 495, I pull back over at the VA line and handle my weapon and ammo again. He mentions negligent discharge, and I asked him which method of transport was more apt for it. Keeping the gun on my hip, or stopping to unload and then again to load again. 
But he is right about something he wrote, I hate being inconvenienced. But only because he doesn't see the man, he only sees the object, the gun.  I explain to him my history, my experience, my years of never having a ND, he doesn't care. All he sees is the gun, but I need them to see the man, the woman and explore their reasons and their history. 
BTW Mike, we have now 43 Co Sponsors of HR-822. A Bipartisan resolution that includes folks from CA and NY.  

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