Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good friends!!

I have a few good friends, a man get's lucky when he has just one.  This post will be about one such great friend!
He knows my bad side, he knows my good side. He sticks with me, I with him.
We spend time riding together, and we both can ride.  He has 135,000 miles on his bike he now rides, and this ain't his first one. He really knows how to ride a bike. He doesn't ride it as much as he dances with it and performs a beautiful ballet. He says he liles that I can ride, good for my ego. He and I love to ride together, we don't need to talk, we need to ride. We need to see the view of that farm country, or bridge, or covered bridge, or water fall, or, you get the idea..
Anyway, we rode yesterday, only 100 miles, maybe more all in, but we never touched a straight road for more than a mile. We picked a place to ride to and we went there. We didn't visit the place, it was just a destination to get to. It wasn't the destination it was the ride.(where did I hear that before?)

So without naming my friend I figured I would place us via photos.

In Virginia before Skyline Drive.

After Skyline drive and 300 miles of fun.

Maryland shore ride.

I wish we could ride together more, he teaches me plenty!

Thanks Bryan!!

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  1. and we will ride more, when your youngsters are all grown up.