Monday, March 14, 2011

It's the little things

I got to take the bike to work today. 20 miles there and 30 miles home.  I needed it, I needed it bad.  BUT, I wore the wrong glves this morning. It was 38 degrees and I thought for the short ride I could handle the ride with my light gloves.  WRONG!!  Fingers and hands were numb from cold when I got to office. The kind of cold that hurt, BAD.  When I got into the office the heat was up and then it really got bad, the pain increased and the throbbing started. Tough way to start the day. I was fine about an hour later. You can also bet I grabbed the better gloves, which by the way, were in my saddle bag the whole time!! The ride home was nicer to the hands, and I extended the ride about 10 miles traveling through Valley Forge Historic Park and the Valley Forge area.
I will ride the bike again tomorrow, but I will start with the right gloves.

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