Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mayor C. Scott Shields Dies

Over at Gil Spencers blog I was saddened to read this early this morning.

C.Scott Shields was a highly regarded, highly recommended NRA approved lawyer who happened to live in Delaware County. I occasionally got his valued advice, or his thoughts on various subjects related to PA Gun laws. He was always willing to share his insight. It might seem mundane, but I had him on my Blackberry speed dial, in case I ever got arrested for representing the NRA, or FOAC, at township meetings. I learned long ago, when I first got licensed to carry a firearm while working at Edelman's Gun Shop, to have a lawyer ready to call. C. Scott Shields was my guy, number 9. I have never had to call him for trouble, and we would occasionally see each other in Media and always were friendly.
I haven't spoken to him in over a year, I regret that already!
My heart goes out to his 3 daughters and the rest of his family.

Carter Scott Shields, RIP

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